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Tinnitus Treatment

Is There a Cure for Tinnitus?

“Scientists have been working hard on trying to find a cure, given that up to one in five people experience chronic tinnitus.” Tinnitus is your brain’s attempt to fix your auditory system by filling in the missing gaps, which results in a production of sounds like ringing or buzzing. Having tinnitus myself, I understand the […]

audiologist testing the hearing ability of hearing patient

9 Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is something a lot of people will experience in varying degrees at some point in their lives. It is important to make sure you understand the array of factors that can cause hearing loss, as well as how these might impact you as an individual. Being able to deal with hearing loss effectively […]

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5 Foods for Better Hearing

The food that you eat directly influences your overall health and well-being, including the health of your ears or hearing health. When you eat a balanced diet fuels your body with rich and vital nutrients, it keeps your body healthy and functioning. In addition, it also looks after your ears by preventing potential damage and increasing […]

otc hearing aid

What Are Prescription Hearing Aids, And How Are They Different From Over-The-Counter Hearing Devices?

For many years, over-the-counter hearing options have been available. This technology was more of a personal sound amplifier (PSAP) that simply increased or decreased sound volume.  Because of their simple design, they were considered separate from traditional hearing aids.   A traditional device is much more sophisticated in terms of amplification. It can be based on […]

audiologist holding variety of hearing aid styles and colors

When Is It Time To Update Your Hearing Aid?

If you have been fitted with a hearing aid, you know just how life-changing they are. However, just like most devices and technology, they don’t have a limitless lifespan. Hearing aids can last up to seven years, although most will have a lifespan between three and five years. Some variables will impact how long your hearing […]