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How to Talk with Family about Hearing Loss

With much of the world wearing masks and face coverings, just about everyone is experiencing communication breakdowns, though some more than others.  Many who did not believe they experienced hearing difficulties before, are seeing them come to light. As a result of this new attention on hearing and communication, “we have seen an influx of […]

Hearing Health Awareness Month: What We Learned

  Helpful and Informative Articles To help educate the community, we crafted three detailed articles that shared facts and helpful information around hearing loss and the importance of addressing your hearing challenges. #1 – WHAT HAPPENS & WHAT TO EXPECT AT A HEARING TEST While most people know what takes place at an eye exam, […]

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How to Connect Your Hearing Aids to Laptops and Tablets – Video

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s become normal to chat with others via video-link. People are using this technology for many purposes – whether it’s catching up with loved ones, attending group events, or updating work colleagues. However, it’s posed new challenges for the hard of hearing, and many of my patients have asked […]

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How Can Musicians Prevent Tinnitus?

Music is one of the purest forms of human expression. Very few other mediums give us the blank canvas our heart’s desire, to be as creative and honest as we want. However, almost everything of some worth comes at a price. Musicians especially know this, as they wear headphones for a lot of their practicing […]

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Phonak Launches Paradise: A New Approach to Hearing Aids

After a much anticipated debut, Phonak has launched its latest hearing aid solution, the Phonak Audeo Paradise.  With this new technology comes a new approach to sound processing, as well as enhanced connectivity abilities.  With the success of its predecessor, the Phonak Marvel, it was hard to imagine Phonak could develop a product that could […]

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4 Steps to a Successful Hearing Aid Evaluation

A hearing aid evaluation is the start of your life becoming more comfortable. Hearing loss presents many different and difficult challenges to our lives but with the help of an audiologist, it can return to normal. The evaluation is going to be much like other medical evaluations in that you will be put through some […]

Get Tinnitus Relief With the ReSound Tinnitus Relief App

If your tinnitus makes you feel stressed and frustrated, the ReSound Tinnitus Relief app may provide some much needed care and relaxation. With it, you can escape into a world of soothing, calming sounds, meditate, and learn more about tinnitus in a simple to use format. Jana Emola-Austin, Doctor of Audiology, reports her Allison Audiology […]

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How to Communicate Effectively – Communication Strategies and Skills

When your message isn’t clear, frustration, stress, and embarrassment for the speaker and listener can occur. To keep your relationships strong and vibrant, below are several communication strategies. With these tips, everyone can communicate more effectively – hearing loss or not. Be Mindful of Distance Talking to someone who’s in a different room isn’t easy. […]

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is described as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or static sound that is heard without any external noise. Approximately 25 to 50 million Americans have tinnitus. About 20% of those cases are considered clinically significant, meaning their tinnitus disrupts some aspect of their life. If you have tinnitus, remember you’re not alone. At Allison Audiology, […]