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Why We Take Hearing Loss Prevention & Protection Seriously in Houston and Lake Jackson

Hearing Health Awareness Month is a great time to inspire people to seek the right treatment for their hearing needs. It’s also a period to reflect upon how to stop hearing loss in the first place. Allison Audiology has been serving the Houston and Lake Jackson communities for 25 years. With hearing loss on the rise in America, John […]

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Why Do So Many People Have Untreated Hearing Loss?

During Hearing Health Awareness Month, the team has been reaching out to communities in Houston and Lake Jackson about their hearing challenges and questions. One question that’s arisen is why it takes so long for someone to seek treatment for a condition before it becomes more serious. Recent statistics from John Hopkins University show around 14 percent […]

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How Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Speech?

One of the most common challenges those experiencing hearing loss face, is keeping a good rapport with those around them. Communication becomes murky and we slowly begin to unintentionally ignore people, not join in conversations or perhaps even misunderstand what someone is saying. You’ll learn to slowly but surely, lip read and try to keep up with […]

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Why We’re Supplying Clear Masks to Local Physicians

COVID-19 has brought new challenges to all of us. But the hard of hearing have been particularly affected by the widespread use of face masks.  This is because when your hearing is impaired, lip movements are an essential way to understand what someone else is saying.  Those with hearing losses ranging from mild to severe often rely on seeing someone’s facial features to communicate daily. Approximately […]

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What Is the Difference between Audiologist and ENT Doctors?

Whether it’s hearing loss you’re experiencing or you’ve developed a ringing in your ears, seeking treatment from the right hearing professional is crucial. With several different types to choose from, including hearing instrument specialists, audiologists and ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors, it can be confusing to determine which professional you should see. While each […]

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Top 5 Benefits to Wearing Hearing Aids

Top 5 Benefits to Wearing Hearing AidsMaybe you have noticed that you are missing some of the vital information during conversations with family or friends. Or you notice that you need to turn up the TV or radio a more frequently or louder than others prefer. When you start to display signs of hearing loss, […]