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the child of a veteran with hearing protection on

Listen To Our Veterans

When you’re at work, being exposed to loud machinery or other high volume noises can be a real hazard. In fact, it is one of the leading causes of hearing loss for people in the United States. It is especially the case for our country’s veterans, who are exposed to gunfire, explosions, jet engines, and other sounds […]

an older man having fun outside on a bicycle

How Hearing Aids Can Make You Younger

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking old before your time. But it sure is an easy trap to fall into when it comes to hearing loss. Just take a moment to imagine what it looks like when you’re constantly asking people to repeat themselves, are talking louder for no reason and are not-so-subtly using […]

a pair of lyric hearing devices

A quick guide to Lyric Hearing Aids

In life, one of the most precious things we can possess is health, and time. With that in mind, we will quickly show you a way to dramatically improve your hearing health, that saves you time, and energy. Here is a short guide to Phonak’s Lyric Hearing Aids, the world’s only truly invisible, extended-wear hearing […]