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Bluetooth Technology and Hearing Aids

an audiologist holding three hearing aids

One of the most recent advancements in hearing aids is the use of Bluetooth technology. In the past, hearing aids were limited when it comes to pairing with a variety of different digital devices, but that’s not the case with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Previously, if you wanted to go running and listen to music, you wouldn’t have been able to given that you would have to remove the hearing aid to put in earbuds – and even then, you can’t hear the music!

Now, you can use wireless Bluetooth to connect remotely to devices and have the music played through your hearing aids.

Bluetooth and hearing aids

You already know that Bluetooth hearing aids are wireless, but the remote link from your hearing aids to other devices can open up an entire world to you that previously lived in silence.

Certain brands out there have patented their Bluetooth capabilities with hearing aids so that the hearing aids can connect directly to the software that they use. It’s designed to have that direct link without draining the battery – which is a universal negative among Bluetooth hearing aids.

What if my hearing aids aren’t compatible with my phone?

There are plenty of brands out there that are creating the technology to link Bluetooth hearing aids to the right smart devices. Your streamer will connect your phone to your hearing aids, and if you are wearing a hearing aid that doesn’t include that feature, you can still access it. In fact, wireless hearing aids can use streamers to help.

Why you should think about Bluetooth streaming

Streamers can help you to find opportunities to access other digital devices, so they are worth the investment. A conversation with your audiologist can help you to decide which is best for you.

What are the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids?

Without all the facts, you cannot make an informed decision. Learning the pros and cons of Bluetooth hearing aids could help you to decide if it’s best for you.

  • Listening experience: You can choose to stream one or both the hearing aids with an amplified signal to match the settings of the hearing aids in your ears. Hearing aids help you to hear, but if you want to listen to music, they become high-tech earbuds! If you’re going to take a call, they turn into hands-free solutions.
  • Digital connections: You can use with multiple devices, and you can pair all of these to one streamer. This gives you the chance to swap between your phone, your TV, your tablet and your music. It’s such a clever piece of tech you’ll be impressed from day one.
  • Stability: Signals that drop are annoying for the hearing aid wearer, but they are a common theme for digital devices. As Bluetooth has more than one channel, there’s less of a chance that you have to worry about it.
  • Remote: You can change the volume or program using the streamer, which means that you can remotely change these things. Those who don’t have external controls that are manual on their hearing aids can benefit significantly from remote control.
  • Flexible: As most of the devices in your home have Bluetooth capabilities, you can interact with more than one technology, making life easier for you wherever you go.
  • Hands-free: Being able to answer the phone at the touch of a button with a hands-free kit is always useful. Your hearing aids become hands-free devices, though, when you enable Bluetooth technology.

Before you buy

Talking to an audiologist about your options is essential, as is having your hearing tested. You can work with them to determine whether Bluetooth hearing aids would work for you in the same way as the traditional type or would it be better for you. You must think about your lifestyle and how into technology you are, as you will need to be before you go for it.

Some hearing aids that are Bluetooth enabled may require using different controls than the basic device, so it’s essential that you are comfortable with that. You also may need to think about upgrading your things to match your hearing aids.

Bluetooth is a big step toward the future of hearing aids, and it’s likely to be used much more in the next few years as it evolves. Speaking to your audiologist and booking an appointment to learn more about Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C. is one of the best things that you can do for your hearing health. Call one of our locations now at: