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Buying hearing aids online? Here’s what you need to know

a couple looking at hearing aids on the internet

Congratulations, you have decided to buy a hearing aid and take the next step towards better hearing. However, as with most high-tech devices, knowing how to choose the right one for you can be a complete nightmare. Is it best to buy online or from an audiologist? Let’s look at a few of the important things when it comes to choosing:

Value for money

We are all out to save a nickel or two when possible, but is it wise to economize when it comes to your hearing health? Yes, you will be saving money by finding a deal online, but most often, hearing aids don’t come with any professional fitting, warranty or device aftercare, which can really mount up.

Safety and regulation

Unfortunately, the internet is completely unregulated when it comes to the sale of hearing aids; meaning your device may not actually be the genuine product. An audiologist is continuously trained to make sure all your hearing needs are met; from fitting to aftercare. Hearing aids have stringent parameters that must be checked and sometimes calibrated for the end user to ensure further hearing loss will not ensue.

Fitting and fine-tuning

Every hearing aid is tailored to its user, their ear shape and needs. It is vital that your device fits perfectly. When buying online, you’ll be missing this vital stage, which can mean you miss out on the exact device that suits your needs.

So, it’s looking like a clear win for buying from an audiologist. However, if you still choose to buy online, follow these three rules to make sure you get the very best deal:

  1. Make sure you check as many reviews as possible
  2. Shop around and read plenty of professional advice
  3. Do not be afraid to ask the company plenty of questions
  4. Ask about any guarantees or warranties that may be included.

If you would like to speak to an audiologist about your hearing aid needs, contact our friendly team at Allison Audiology today.