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ReSound Key Hearing Aid – A Comprehensive Overview

The ReSound Key Hearing Aid – Is It For Me? Year after year, hearing aid manufacturers continue to release new, innovative hearing devices with features focused on better, clearer, and more natural sound quality than their previous models.  While these new innovations have continued to further improve the hearing healthcare landscape and provide more technology […]

a hearing specialist performing a hearing aid fitting for his elderly patient

4 Factors in a Successful Hearing Aid Fitting

When it comes to fitting hearing aids, there are a range of factors that go into ensuring that it’s done correctly. When you experience hearing loss, it’s important to make sure that you are working with a skilled audiologist in order to hear strongly once again. A skilled and experienced audiologist will be able to […]

a woman selecting new hearing aids

Warranty Options for Hearing Aids

If there is one investment that you should always make in life, it’s in your health. Your hearing is as much a part of your health as anything else, and hearing aids are one investment that you want to make when you need it. Your quality of life depends on the hearing aids you get, […]

a hand holding a hearing aid

Who Invented the Hearing Aid?

When an audiologist diagnoses you with hearing loss and recommends hearing aids as a suitable treatment, it’s natural to want to learn as much as you can about them. Learning about the history of hearing technology and how it has evolved over the last century can help you better understand how advanced these devices have […]

The ReSound ONE Review: What do Patients and Audiologists Think About This New Technology

On September 1st, ReSound launched their much-anticipated new hearing device, the ReSound ONE. To share an honest and comprehensive review, we invited a small number of our trusted patients to try this technology, and we asked our audiologists to share their feedback. If you’re considering whether the ReSound ONE technology is right for you, then […]

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How to Connect Your Hearing Aids to Laptops and Tablets – Video

Since the start of the pandemic, it’s become normal to chat with others via video-link. People are using this technology for many purposes – whether it’s catching up with loved ones, attending group events, or updating work colleagues. However, it’s posed new challenges for the hard of hearing, and many of my patients have asked […]

Phonak Paradise 1

Phonak Launches Paradise: A New Approach to Hearing Aids

After a much anticipated debut, Phonak has launched its latest hearing aid solution, the Phonak Audeo Paradise.  With this new technology comes a new approach to sound processing, as well as enhanced connectivity abilities.  With the success of its predecessor, the Phonak Marvel, it was hard to imagine Phonak could develop a product that could […]

a display of different hearing aid styles

4 Steps to a Successful Hearing Aid Evaluation

A hearing aid evaluation is the start of your life becoming more comfortable. Hearing loss presents many different and difficult challenges to our lives but with the help of an audiologist, it can return to normal. The evaluation is going to be much like other medical evaluations in that you will be put through some […]