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a woman experiencing slight ear discomfort

How Can Musicians Prevent Tinnitus?

Music is one of the purest forms of human expression. Very few other mediums give us the blank canvas our heart’s desire, to be as creative and honest as we want. However, almost everything of some worth comes at a price. Musicians especially know this, as they wear headphones for a lot of their practicing […]

Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is described as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or static sound that is heard without any external noise. Approximately 25 to 50 million Americans have tinnitus. About 20% of those cases are considered clinically significant, meaning their tinnitus disrupts some aspect of their life. If you have tinnitus, remember you’re not alone. At Allison Audiology, […]

a woman experiencing slight ear discomfort

How Quality of Life is Affected by Tinnitus

There are over 50 million Americans who currently experience tinnitus. Of those 50 million, 20 million have a moderate form of the condition, while more than two million have a more severe degree. It can be constant or intermittent, but it’s always the same – a ringing, buzzing, whirring or whooshing noise that does not have […]

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How Testing is Conducted for Tinnitus

Not many people have heard of tinnitus, but if they start to experience a roaring, buzzing or hissing of the ears, they’ll soon notice! Noises like this can play a big part in interrupting your day, and it can stop you from sleeping, relaxing or just going about your daily activities. If you have found […]