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Dr. Cliff AuD Network

Welcome to Dr. Cliff’s Preferred Provider in Houston and Lake Jackson, Texas

If you’ve researched hearing loss or hearing aids recently, there’s a very good chance you’ve come across information from Cliff Olson, Au.D., of Applied Hearing Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2019, Dr. Cliff launched the Dr. Cliff Approved Provider Network for like-minded hearing professionals who share a passion for following best practices in audiology and hearing aid fittings.

Why are best practices important?

There are a lot of hearing professionals out there, but not all use the recommended protocols to ensure you are hearing to your best potential. When being fit with hearing devices, following best practices is essential to your care. How do you know your hearing aids are correctly programmed to your hearing prescription? How do you know if your hearing aids are performing at optimal levels year after year? Following best practices with verification through speech mapping or real ear measurements, along with electroacoustic analysis, will ensure you are hearing to your full potential with your hearing technology.

Dr. Cliff’s Provider Network

Providers within the Dr. Cliff Network are unique. We are a group of hearing professionals who believe in providing advanced-level care and utilize best practices in our routine services. At Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, these protocols were in place years before the Dr. Cliff Network! Being a private practice, independently-owned, our team has established protocols to best serve our patients now and for your ongoing, continued care. Speech mapping and real ear measurements are a standard part of our hearing aid programming and fitting protocols. Electroacoustic analysis is performed on your hearing devices as part of your routine hearing aid care package. Never guess if your hearing aids are working correctly again with our Ten-Point Hearing Aid Check protocol using electroacoustic analysis.

When scheduling your visit at Allison Audiology, know you are receiving the best standard of care using valuable verification measures to ensure you hear your best!