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Everything you need to know about Phonak Audeo B Hearing Aids

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We are used to recharging our cell phone, torch and household batteries, so why can’t we recharge our hearing aid batteries? We have good news: you actually can. Introducing Phonak Audéo™ B Hearing Aids, the modern, high-tech rechargeable aids that will make your life that bit easier.

Here are the top five things you need to know about these innovative devices:

1. They’re sleek and stylish

These hearing aids come in a compact, modern design, and are even available in a range of colors to suit the scheme in your bedroom, bathroom, office, or wherever you choose to store them. They are part of your life, so they should fit your style.

2. They recharge as you do

Simply put them into the nifty charging case when you go to sleep. You’ll wake up with a fully charged device, powered up as you are, ready to conquer the day ahead, no matter what is in store.

3. On the go?

If you travel a lot work for work, or for pleasure (lucky you!), these hearing aids come with a handy, reduced-size travel case, giving you even more room in your luggage for souvenirs and holiday clothes.

4. If time isn’t on your side…

…don’t worry! Charge your Phonak hearing aids charge up in as little as 15 minutes, giving you more than a full day of usage. Just over 24 hours, to be exact.

5. Stay connected

These hearing aids contain advanced connectivity technology, allowing you to automatically connect to your digital devices around the home with no fuss. Get straight onto calls on your cell, seamlessly connect to your TV or digital radio, or be able to hear the doorbell, even if you’re relaxing in the garden.

Here at Allison Audiology, we are proud to be Phonak Audéo™ B experts. Contact us today to discuss your hearing requirements with our friendly team, whether you are new to audiology or if you have worn hearing aids for a while. Get yourself booked in for a hearing loss consultation today and be on the fast track to getting your hands on these fantastic hearing aids, and to living a fuller life.