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Hearing Aid Batteries

The Future Is Rechargeable

Remember when you were out running errands or heading into your meeting and you heard the tune?   The low-battery tune meaning your hearing devices were about to run out of power.  Great news – that’s a thing of the past!  Lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids have taken the hearing healthcare industry to the next level in convenience.  Now, a simple 3-hour charge provides all-day hearing.  There’s no need to carry extra batteries or worry with keeping extras on hand.

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The Latest In Physical Batteries

If you prefer to use traditional hearing aid batteries, or your devices still require the standard hearing aid battery sizes, we have your reliable Rayovac source here.  To ensure batteries are not aging on the shelf, we place smaller, more frequent orders so that you can guarantee batteries are fresh and fully charged from our office when you take them home.

We carry standard hearing aid battery sizes, from the smallest size 10, 312, 13, to the largest 675.

For information on how to get batteries regularly or for a one-time purchase, contact our office.