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Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids

In a world where Bluetooth has changed how we talk on the phone and how we listen to music, it has been a welcomed technology advancement in the world of hearing aids. 

Benefits of bluetooth hearing aids

Being able to stream phone calls, music, podcasts, audiobooks, directions, and any audio coming from your smart phone has allowed those with hearing loss to thrive!  With the introduction of Bluetooth hearing aids, our patients can now enjoy hands-free listening with sound quality that is tailored to their hearing loss prescription. 

At its initial launch, Bluetooth hearing aids worked primarily with smartphones.  Apps were designed to give the patient the ability to adjust volume and further enhance features like noise and wind reduction.  If you have an unfortunate mishap and lose your hearing aids, your smartphone has the ability to help you find them through your location services.  There is an incredible amount of technology in a small, hearing aid-sized package!

Bluetooth hearing aid compatibility

With many of the recent releases, Bluetooth features are no longer limited to iPhones, Androids, and smartphones.  Now, hearing aids are smart enough to be able to pair to any Bluetooth connection.  This means if your television is Bluetooth-enabled, your hearing aids can pair directly to it.  Same with your computer.  You no longer need an adapter to be able to make this wireless connection.

Bluetooth hearing aid styles

For the longest time, Bluetooth technology was available in behind-the-ear (BTE) and receiver-in-the-ear (RIC) devices.  As the technology has gotten smaller, manufacturers are able to get Bluetooth processors in smaller hearing aids, making it available in more hearing aid styles.

If you have questions regarding Bluetooth connectivity and how it can enhance your listening abilities, one of the team members at our Houston or Lake Jackson offices will be happy to help!  Take the first step in better hearing and schedule your visit.