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Curbside Hearing Aid Assistance

Curbside services have made so many parts of our lives easier, from grocery pick up, now to hearing aid services.  For your comfort and convenience, if you would like curbside service for your routine hearing aid maintenance or hearing aid repairs, please call our office when you arrive for your scheduled visit. 

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A team member will come to your car, collect your hearing devices, and bring them inside to perform repair or our custom 10-point maintenance service, all while you enjoy the comfort, convenience, and privacy of your vehicle.  If you would like a complimentary water, coffee, or anything we can bring to you, please let us know at your arrival.  Enjoy your music, phone calls, podcasts, anything you like, while we do the work inside.  Once your services are complete, we’ll return your devices to you.

If you have hearing devices you did not purchase at Allison Audiology but would like to have routine maintenance performed or are in need of a hearing aid repair, we welcome you to take advantage of our curbside service was well.  Please contact our office to schedule your visit, or schedule your visit online and let us know the concerns or needs you have regarding your device(s), if you prefer curbside services, and we’ll take it from there.