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Hearing Aid Repair & Maintenance

Keeping Up Your Tech

Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers in Houston and Lake Jackson offers full-service in-house repairs for hearing aids.  From time to time, as with any electronic device, we know accidents can happen.  Our team of professionals perform most hearing aid repairs in our office, same-day.  Should your device need to be sent to a manufacturer, we will be happy to coordinate those services for you.

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Simple Solutions

Often, patients contact our office worried their hearing aid is not producing sound and feel a repair is needed.  As it turns out, the majority repairs are solved with a simple fix by changing the wax guard or hearing aid filter. 

If cleaning the dome and changing the wax filter does not solve the problem, we encourage you to contact our office.  Or, if you are not comfortable changing hearing aid parts, our hearing professionals are happy to assist.

What if I didn’t purchase my hearing aids at your office?

We work with the major manufacturers in the hearing industry and have the tools and parts needed to make repairs in our office.  If you did not purchase your hearing devices with us, we are still happy to assist with your repairs or hearing aid maintenance needs.  Once we have your hearing devices, we can assess the issue,  contact the manufacturer for warranty information (if available), and go from there.  You’ll be informed of each step along the way.