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Hearing Tests

When Was Your Last Hearing Check?

Although we all regularly get a physical, get our eyes checked and our blood pressure taken, it’s about time we started paying attention to our hearing health.

With the World Health Organization estimating that 2.5 billion people expected to have a hearing loss by 2050, the awareness of healthy hearing has never been more important.

With hearing crucial to everyday life – it’s vital to take measures into your own hands and prioritize hearing health with a comprehensive hearing assessment.

While elsewhere focuses on measuring how well you can hear against a standardized test, we focus on a comprehensive, methodological approach. Together, this takes into account all aspects of your hearing health.

Better hearing begins with a thorough assessment of your hearing ability. Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers use state of the art technology and equipment to expertly determine the degree and nature of any potential hearing loss or hearing concerns.  With a non-invasive assessment, we can create a comprehensive plan and treatment to treat any hearing challenges.

These Houston and Lake Jackson audiologists understand the challenges of navigating the hearing healthcare landscape and are the professionals to see when seeking solutions for your hearing needs. Our hearing clinics offer more than just the basic hearing test. We use a variety of assessments to determine what sounds you hear, what sounds you are missing, and why.


When first arriving at Allison Audiology for a hearing exam, your audiologist will look in your ears. This will ensure there isn’t any wax build-up, which can cause the ear to feel blocked or full.

If wax or debris is blocking the ear drum, removal is simple, painless, and can be performed the same day.

In some cases, video otoscopy may be used. This allows the Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center audiologists to view the ear canal and tympanic membrane with the patient on a screen. You get to take part in the earwax management process and see your eardrum!


Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are the sounds that are emitted by properly functioning cells in the cochlea.

To perform the test, a probe is inserted inside the ear canal and is completely painless. A handheld tool plays a variety of tones while the echoed response is measured and recorded.

Because OAE testing requires no feedback from the patient, it is ideal for children and those who cannot express their response.


To give us a full scope of your hearing sensitivity, audiometric testing is used determine how well you detect both tone and sound volume.

Tone refers to the frequency of sound, whether it is deep or high in pitch. Volume refers to the intensity or loudness of the sound. Once compiled, results are plotted for both ears on a visual audiogram. Our audiologists interpret the results and will explain them to you in an easy to understand way.

Pure-tone testing is the gold standard for a basic hearing evaluation.


Using the latest technology, our middle ear evaluations determine how sound flows through your middle ear and tests the function of the tympanic membrane. It is particularly useful in identifying problems with ear infections that can effect hearing sensitivity.

When allergy season is at its peak in Houston and Lake Jackson, many patients often report congestion and ear pain. Middle ear tests can aid in determining if pressure is present behind the ear drum, causing pain, potential temporary hearing loss, and tinnitus.


Not all trouble with hearing is due to hearing loss. In some cases, speech may be difficult to understand if there is a disconnect between the auditory system and the brain. As a result, increasing volume does not make understanding speech easier.

During speech testing, you will repeat words and phrases. This measures your ability to interpret speech at varying volume levels.


If you experience hearing loss, you’ve likely experienced difficulty understanding in background noise. As a result, crowded environments become increasingly challenging.

Speech-in-noise testing is used to evaluate how well your brain can separate and understand speech in noise. Using these results, our audiologists can provide further recommendations to aid understanding in these challenging environments.


If you or a loved one struggle to understand conversations, it doesn’t solely signify that you have a problem with your hearing. The condition, known as auditory processing disorder or APD can affect individuals of any age, has nothing to do with the person’s intelligence and is not related to hearing impairment


If you or a loved one have never had a hearing check, are concerned about your hearing, or simply want to make you hearing health a priority, the first step is to schedule your comprehensive hearing test.

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