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What Is Teleaudiology?

As the world remains connected through online services, many of these same innovations and technologies can now be found through TeleAudiology in hearing healthcare.  Both our Houston and Lake Jackson offices are ready for your TeleAudiology needs.

How It Works

For your comfort and convenience, TeleAudiology allows you to connect with your hearing provider remotely.  You can be anywhere in the world, and with a reliable Internet connection, reach your audiologist.  Through a HIPAA compliant connection, we can see one-another face-to-face, learn the challenges or concerns you’re experiencing and determine the next steps to address your needs. 

Some of today’s more modern technology even has this feature available within manufacturer specific apps.  This allows us to make real time adjustments while seeing one another, as if you were right here in the office.  Received the personalized care you’ve become accustomed to, but from the comfort of your home.