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Welcome to Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C., the premiere hearing care facility in Houston, TX. Our practice specializes in treating hearing loss, fitting hearing aids and helping you hear the world around you again. We offer an expansive number of hearing tests to ensure we have the most important information when it comes to treating your individual hearing loss.

When it comes time to treat your hearing loss, our audiologists will help you select the right hearing aid for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs. Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C., offers hearing technology from the leading manufacturers, ensuring you find the exact device to suit your needs. Our professionals serve individuals with hearing loss in the Houston community and surrounding areas.

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Our Hearing Center in Houston, TX

  • Address:

    12900 Queensbury Ln

    Houston, TX 77079

    (713) 827-1767

Due to the recent "Stay Home" Order issued for Houston and the surrounding areas through April 3rd, our office will be closed for traditional office visits and office hours.  If you need assistance, please call the office and a team member will assist you between 10-3 p.m.  We appreciate your understanding during these times.  While service methods may be slightly different for a short period, we are here to help in the modified ways we can.  

For common troubleshooting tips, please visit our "How To" page.

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Hearing Aids in Houston, TX

Have you been told you’d benefit from a hearing aid, but aren’t sure where to start? Our practice offers an extensive number of hearing aids in multiple styles and types, ensuring we find the most comfortable fit possible for your hearing aid and your life. With devices from the most advanced hearing aid manufacturers, find out what we can do for you! 

  • Styles of Hearing Aids
  • Hearing Protection
  • Baha
  • Cochlear Implant
  • Bluetooth Hearing Aids
  • Captel
  • Caption Call
  • Cell phone accessories
  • Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids
  • Oticon
  • Phonak
  • ReSound
  • Signia
  • Starkey

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Hearing Care Services in Houston, TX

Whether you’re getting your hearing tested for the first time or picking out a new pair of hearing aids, the professionals at our office will provide the assistance you need! Find out what our practice can do for your hearing health!

  • Earwax (Cerumen) Removal
  • Hearing Tests
  • Video otoscopy
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAEs)
  • Middle ear evaluations
  • Audiometric testing
  • Speech Understanding / Processing testing in quiet and noise
  • Earmolds and impressions  
  • Tinnitus treatment  

Audiologists in Houston, TX

When it comes to your hearing health, trust our audiologists to help you communicate better with the world around you. We offer extensive hearing evaluations and recommendations based on results. Our treatment includes hearing aids that we fit, adjust, program, clean and service as needed. 

Jana Emola-Austin, AuD


Rebecca Kohout, AuD


Erin Arceneaux Larson, AuD


Ryan Keutzer, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

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