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Beginning as a planned community, orchestrated by Dow Chemical Company in the early 1940s, Lake Jackson, TX provides residents along the Texas Gulf Coast to enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle without being too far from the advantages provided by the larger urban community of Houston, only 52 miles away.

The small-town feel of our community is an excellent place for those with hearing loss to enjoy the advantages that come from the personalized approach to hearing care provided by the professionals at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center in Lake Jackson.

We are a part of the Dr. Cliff Preferred Provider Network because following the best practices of audiology has always been a part of what we do.

Audiology’s best practices help ensure that our patients receive the hearing care that addresses their specific needs the way so many small-town services do, but it makes a bigger difference when it comes to the hearing aid fitting process and ongoing care for those who require hearing aids to hear better.

While our professionals provide Lake Jackson and nearby communities with basic hearing services like comprehensive hearing assessments, advanced hearing aid technology, hearing aid maintenance and repair service, we take things a step further to bring advanced audiology services you’d expect to find in an urban clinic, like testing for auditory processing disorder (APD), a tinnitus relief program, earwax removal, custom hearing protection, and more.


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How We Can Help

Hearing doctor performing hearing test at Allison Audiology

The Most Comprehensive Hearing Assessment in Lake Jackson, Houston

There’s no shortage of places to test your hearing in today’s world with countless online hearing tests and testing at your local big box store, but because hearing is so crucial to everyday life, a professional, comprehensive hearing assessment by an audiologist provides much greater assurance that all hearing care bases are covered.

Our methodological approach considers all aspects of your hearing health. Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center uses state of the art technology and equipment along with our own expertise to accurately determine the degree and nature of any potential hearing loss or hearing concerns with a non-invasive assessment.

The audiology experts at our Houston and Lake Jackson hearing centers understand the challenges of navigating the hearing healthcare landscape and use the best practices of audiology to help provide the right solution to meet your unique hearing needs based on the extensive data we acquire during the hearing assessment process, ensuring that you can achieve better hearing and a better quality of life.

Find out more about how you can take advantage of our comprehensive hearing assessments.

Hearing Aid Technology

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Hearing Aid Technology for You

Online and OTC hearing aid sales have become a big business, preying on the desire of individuals to hear better and improve communication with family, friends, and neighbors. Though hearing technology is only one piece in the larger puzzle of better hearing, making the wrong decision and/or choosing the wrong device will not only produce unsatisfactory results, but could do additional harm to your hearing.

Choosing the right hearing instrument involves more than selecting the style and technology you like but also requires the professional guidance of a doctor of audiology to identify the specific type and severity of hearing loss in order to properly program your hearing aids, as well as determine whether hearing aids are the right treatment option for you.

Our team of audiologists in Houston and Lake Jackson make the most advanced digital hearing aid technology available to our patients along with accurate and comprehensive hearing assessments, professional expertise, and experience by audiologists to help you achieve better hearing without the risk of ongoing damage.

Learn more about the levels of technology and styles we have available.

Ryan Keutzer, Hearing Instrument Specialist repairing a hearing device
A male patient during tinnitus therapy at Allison Audiology

Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repair Service

Full-Service In-House Hearing Aid Maintenance and Repair

Hearing aids are a critical tool for those who need a little extra help with their hearing and a boost communicating with those around them, especially in noisy environments. When they’re not working properly, you might be tempted to toss them aside in frustration and discouragement.
Please don’t.

Hearing aids help you hear better, but they also slow cognitive decline, help prevent issues with balance and vertigo, and decrease your risk of developing various negative mental and physical health issues, which is reason enough to bring them to our hearing aid specialists at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.

Our Houston and Lake Jackson hearing centers offer full-service, in-house repairs for hearing aids. In addition to our expertise, we partner with name brand hearing aid manufacturers to repair most hearing aid problems in our office the same day you bring them to us. Should your device need to be sent to a manufacturer, we’re happy to coordinate those services too.

Learn how hearing aid maintenance and repair can protect your hearing aid investment and ensure you continue to receive all the benefits your hearing aids provide.

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