Sivantos Hearing Aids

Sivantos Hearing Aids

A manufacturer of telegraphic instruments, Werner von Siemens became a pioneer in hearing aid technology by building a telephone receiver with a horseshoe magnet in order to amplify voice signals and improve voice clarity, laying the foundation for Sivantos hearing instruments.

Acquired by Sivantos, the first Siemens hearing devices included the Phonophor, sold before World War II, the Auriculette hearing aid in 1959, a behind-the-ear (BTE) device made with small lightweight components in a single unit, and the Siretta 339, the first device worn entirely in-the-ear (ITE). The early success of these instruments allowed Sivantos to capture European, North American, and Asian markets prior to the 1970s.

Signia hearing aids using Siemens’ technology, such as Binax, accelerated the development of smart products and applications with practical and convenient benefits for people with hearing loss. Sivantos’ merger with Widex in 2019, establishing WS Audiology, provided the foundation for a leader in hearing aid technology as well as a large-scale manufacturing partnership for a broad variety of hearing instruments under various brand names.

Advanced Hearing Solutions from Sivantos

E2e wireless technology is the secret behind the performance quality of Binax, designed to simulate binaural hearing using an eight-microphone network (four per hearing aid) that wirelessly share and balance audio data between instruments. Narrow Directionality, Spatial Speech Focus, eWindScreen binaural, and High-Definition Sound Resolution are additional features built into Sivantos hearing instruments in order to enhance the quality and clarity of speech and sound as well as your hearing aids experience.

Various RIC, CIC, and BTE devices operating on the OVP platform with instant fit and custom formed options that include Bluetooth streaming are available in all of the lines of hearing aids produced by Sivantos, including specialized devices for individuals with one-sided hearing loss.

The TeleCare app, accessed using your smartphone and connectivity technology, makes it possible for you to stay up to date with your hearing care provider for ongoing counseling and support without the necessity of an in-office consultation.

Sivantos Hearing Aids

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Patient-Focused Hearing Aid Repair by Allison Audiology

Sivantos hearing aids provide an advanced hearing technology solution for those who need a little extra help to hear better, which is why Allison Audiology supports individuals who use Sivantos hearing aids with troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of your hearing instrument along with those from other manufacturers, like Audina, Persona, Signia, and more.

The ongoing personalized care our professional audiologists provide is among the advantages of choosing a doctor of audiology for hearing care rather than purchasing your instrument from a hearing aid dispenser, online, or over the counter in a big box store. For the support, encouragement and personalized care you need, turn to a Texas Gulf Coast hearing care leader for better hearing and an improved quality of life.

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