Caring for your Hearing Aids

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids is crucial to ensuring the function for you

As an audiologist, we receive countless questions every day on all things regarding hearing aids. People want to know how they work, what features they have, which ones are best and so on. But, the number one question we always get asked is how do you care for your hearing aids? Proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids is crucial to ensuring the function for you.

With regular cleaning – both at home and your audiologist’s office – can maintain their longevity and help you get the best listening experience.

Clean hearing aids with a soft cloth after daily use

Whenever you go to use your hearing aids, it’s good to give them a quick clean. Get a soft cloth and rub away at the part that enters your ear. Make sure you get off any earwax or dirt so you can put them in nice and clean. Similarly, it helps to just wipe away at the outside area of your ear to remove any earwax that’s crept out. Doing this will prevent any sound issues that could be caused by dirt or wax getting clogged up inside the device.

Turn them off whenever you don’t use them

This is one of the simplest, yet most effective, hearing aid tips out there. If you’re not using the device, then turn it off! A simple act like this will go a long way to preserving the battery life. It stops you from draining the battery power for no reason, meaning you can actually prolong the life of your hearing aid batteries, which can help save a fair bit of money in the long run!

Take your devices out before bed

Hearing aids can very easily be broken if they’re not handled with care. Every audiologist on planet earth has dealt with patients who’ve come in with broken hearing aids because they wore them to bed and accidentally crushed them. You have no control over yourself when you’re asleep – and you also don’t have any reason to wear hearing aids, to begin with! So, take them out before bed and set them aside somewhere safe. Ideally, you should put them in a protective case with the battery door open. This helps any excess moisture evaporate overnight, keeping your hearing aids in the best condition possible.

Keep your hearing aids away from moisture

Speaking of moisture, it’s one of the top causes of hearing aid repairs. People will get their devices wet – either through water, condensation or sweat – and it messes with the internal circuitry of the hearing aid. As such, keep your devices as dry as can be by taking them out whenever you’re around any water or moisture. Always store your devices in a cool, dry place – preferably in the case! Never put them in humid areas as this basically causes them to ‘sweat’ which creates so much moisture in the device.

Take extra care when handling them

When you have to handle your hearing aids for an extended period – such as when cleaning them or changing the battery – then you need to take extra care. Our advice is to handle them while sitting down or standing over a desk. Put something soft down on the desk surface to catch your device if you drop it. This dramatically reduces the chances of your hearing aids breaking if you accidentally drop them.

When to see an expert for repairs

Generally speaking, a lot of hearing aid issues can be solved by yourself. If it’s not working, you can try changing the battery – which usually solves this problem. Any devices with too much moisture can be dried out using a hairdryer or a bowl of uncooked rice. Wax build-up can be cleaned using a cloth and any cleaning agents approved by an audiologist.

But, if your hearing aid has suffered any broken parts, then you need to take it to an expert to get it looked at. In fact, if you ever drop your hearing aid, then you should see an audiologist so they can inspect it for any damages. If your hearing aid has any issues that you can’t seem to fix, then expert repairs are also on the agenda for you.

Follow the above advice to take proper care of your devices. If you have any questions about your hearing devices, then you’re welcome to give us a call at Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C. right away. You can reach our team by calling (713) 827-1767 for our Houston location.

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