A quick guide to Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

This week, we review one of our most highly-rated hearing aids, the Oticon Opn. It received a glowing report in The Hearing Review, so let’s find out why.

It is our very first #TechnologyTuesday blog, and we plan to kick things off by showcasing some of the best hearing aids and accessories that we have available here at Allison Audiology. This week, we review one of our most highly-rated hearing aids, the Oticon Opn. It received a glowing report in The Hearing Review, so let’s find out why.

Sound and speed

The Oticon Opn offers the benefit of true 360????? sound, and operates 50 times faster than the previous model. This means it adapts to new environments quickly, providing you with a solid and accurate soundscape, wherever you are.

Moisture protection

Moisture is often a problem when it comes to hearing aids, but the Oticon Opn comes equipped with an innovative moisture protection coating. This coating helps to prevent water from getting into the device, extending its life and functionality.


The Oticon Opn utilizes Brainhearing™ technology, which works in harmony with your brain to help you recognise speech. This pioneering technology enables you to focus on what people are saying even if you are in a noisy environment, which is often a challenge for those with hearing loss.

Lack of effort

The physical effort needed to listen all day can often be exhausting, but this clever device has been proven to decrease the effort needed, especially within loud crowds and around distracting noises. As a result of this, it is easier to remember what has been said to you, follow conversations and feel included or involved.


The device itself is incredibly discreet. In fact, it is near-invisible, the body of the device fits on top of the ear while a small speaker is positioned in the ear. It also comes in a range of different colours to match your personal style.

Other features

This advanced device also features wireless audio streaming from an iPhone, and the ability to wirelessly connect to your TV, giving you freedom from endless adjusting and fiddling.

Sound interesting? We are stockists of the Oticon Opn and will be happy to discuss how this device, or another from our wide range is able to help adapt to hearing loss. Book in for a consultation now at Allison Audiology and we will help you toward healthier, happier hearing.

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Jana Emola-Austin, Au.D.

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