Phonak Launches Paradise: A New Approach to Hearing Aids

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

With this new technology comes a new approach to sound processing, as well as enhanced connectivity abilities.

After a much anticipated debut, Phonak has launched its latest hearing aid solution, the Phonak Audeo Paradise. With this new technology comes a new approach to sound processing, as well as enhanced connectivity abilities. With the success of its predecessor, the Phonak Marvel, it was hard to imagine Phonak could develop a product that could surpass Marvel’s performance. But, with the new PRISM processing chip allowing for greater speech enhancement features to take place, in addition to unparalleled connectivity abilities, the new Paradise may have done just that.

PRISM processing chip unveiled in Phonak Paradise

A processing chip is an integral part of the framework and design of any electronic device. To execute the latest features in the Phonak Paradise, a new chip would be required to meet the demands of its industry-leading signal processing. That leads us to the unveiling of PRISM, which stands for Processing Real Time Intelligent Sound Management. With the performance demands required to operate hearing aid features of this magnitude, the PRISM chip exceeds expectations.

Phonak Paradise Debuts New Hearing Aid Features in AutoSense 4.0

With the new PRISM processing chip as the foundation of the hearing device, three new features have been introduced into the new Phonak AutoSense 4.0. AutoSense is an array of seamless, automatic programs the aid navigates as environmental demands change.

Phonak Paradise

Speech Enhancer

While the Speech Enhancer concept has been in the hearing industry for some time, we are now seeing it released into the Phonak family of hearing products. Overall, this new feature to Phonak is designed to make softer speech cues more audible, without increasing the overall volume of the hearing aid, or changing the overall soundscape.

Dynamic Noise Cancellation

The biggest challenge faced by those with hearing loss is understanding in background noise. With the release of the new Dynamic Noise Cancellation feature as a part of the new AutoSense 4.0, tackling the challenges of background noise is a priority. With the new PRISM chip, sound sampling and noise reduction are working to their fullest potential, allowing speech to pop-out from the noise, providing high-definition hearing.

Motion Sensor Hearing

This is one of the most exciting new features in the Phonak product portfolio from a patient or user stand point. Just as the name sounds, the hearing aid is able to determine if you are steady, meaning standing or seated, or if you are on the move. Traditionally, hearing aid microphone beams have been rather forward facing, so if you were walking with a friend or loved one, facing forward, it may be more challenging to hear them if they are located on your right or left side.

In conjunction with Dynamic Noise Cancellation, Motion Sensor Hearing, is now able to detect if you are moving and will engage after approximately 6 steps, while simultaneously monitoring the environment for the speech signal you are focused on. Once engaged, the microphones have been adapted to keep the dominant speech signal as a focal point, enabling you to continue your conversation while your friend remains by your side. This is one of the many ways the new Phonak Paradise is changing the way hearing aids can process sound, making speech clearer and audible for the wearer.

Enhanced Bluetooth Connectivity Performance in Phonak Paradise

In addition to the advanced signal processing capabilities in the Phonak Paradise, connectivity has also been enhanced. In the previous Bluetooth-enabled Marvel, aids could be connected to multiple Bluetooth devices, but only have an active connection to one. Now, Paradise allows even more connections, and most importantly, allows up to two active connections. This means, for those with two Bluetooth-enabled phones, or possibly a tablet and a phone, there is no need to turn off Bluetooth to one while using the other. With Phonak Paradise, users now have the ability to remain actively connected to both devices. For example, if streaming from a tablet and an incoming call rings your actively connected phone, the intuitive Paradise technology will give the call priority, without the user having to make manual Bluetooth connection changes.

With the newest release of Phonak Paradise, the hearing aid landscape has been forever changed as Paradise makes its mark. To continue learning about this new device, visit the Phonak website for more information. If you or a loved one feel the Phonak Paradise may be a hearing solution you would like to try, please contact our Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center in Houston to schedule your visit.

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