Top 3 Reasons to Choose Phonak Marvel

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources, Technology

Overall the Phonak Marvel has set itself apart. It truly is in a class of hearing devices all on its own.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Phonak Marvel is a Supreme Hearing Solution.

Reason #1: It’s not only one of the most natural sounding hearing devices, but it also has great noise reduction capabilities

If you’re like most people, crowded rooms and noisy places cause great hearing challenges – especially for those with hearing loss. To combat these challenges, Phonak Marvel has a feature called Autosense, which breaks up the most common situations that many of our patients are in. This is important because Autosense applies different settings within each of these different environments. This ensures you are hearing your best in situations.

Reason #2: Phonak Marvel Uses True Hands-Free Bluetooth Technology.

The Phonak Marvel pairs to any Bluetooth device. This includes any Bluetooth phone, not just smart phones, and other Bluetooth technology, such as computers and televisions. By using this Bluetooth connection, you no longer need any type of adapter to utilize this audio streaming feature.

In addition, many hearing aids with streaming features state they offer hands-free solutions. Phonak Marvel is one of the only options that serves as a true hands-free Bluetooth ear piece in addition to a hearing aid. By using the Bluetooth protocol, the wearer can leave their phone or audio source on the table and walk away. The audio will come through the aid and the microphone on the aid will also pick up the wearer’s voice. As long as the phone or Bluetooth device remains in Bluetooth range, there is no need to hold the audio source.

With other hearing aid manufacturers, the wearer will hear the audio in the aid, but they must remain close the phone or audio source microphone so that their voice can be picked up in order for the caller to hear the response. Think of a speaker phone in this example. Even though you hear the call in your hearing aid, in order for the caller to hear your response, you must be close to the phone microphone

Reason #3: Face-to-Face Remote Adjustments are Available.

If coming into the office for programming adjustments is not convenient, the Phonak Marvel has a telehealth feature that allows us to communicate with you face-to-face using your smartphone. In your Phonak app, you may request a virtual visit. Our hearing experts can program your devices just as if you were sitting right here in our office.

Overall the Phonak Marvel has set itself apart. It truly is in a class of hearing devices all on its own. If you have questions regarding the Phonak Marvel, we encourage you to give our Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center a call at either or Houston locations or visit us online at to schedule a visit.

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