How Hearing Aids Can Make You Younger

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

We want to bust some myths so that you can get your hearing back on track and start to look and feel younger.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean looking old before your time. But it sure is an easy trap to fall into when it comes to hearing loss.

Just take a moment to imagine what it looks like when you’re constantly asking people to repeat themselves, are talking louder for no reason and are not-so-subtly using the ‘nod and smile’ approach when you haven’t understood what someone has said. It all screams old, confused, and just not with it.

So, when you get down to it, hearing aids can make you look younger.

If that sounds like a crazy notion, it’s probably because hearing aids are the unfortunate victims of a whole bunch of less than flattering stereotypes. At Allison Audiology we want to bust those myths, so that you can get your hearing back on track and start to look and feel younger.

Let’s get myth-busting.

Myth #1: hearing aids are big, beige clunky things

Twenty years ago maybe, but not so anymore. Slender behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are lightweight and fit discreetly behind the outer ear. They even come in a range of colors: match it to your hair or skin color, or pick something that stands out to complement your fashion sense. A level up from standard BTEs and hearing aids get even more low profile, from receiver-in-canal (RIC) all the way to completely-in-canal (CIC), which are completely hidden.

Myth #2: hearing aids are hard to get working right

Today hearing aids come with automatic volume and program settings, so you don’t have to fiddle with them as you move from one environment to another. You can even create personalized settings and with smartphone technology, should you want to make adjustments you can do so inconspicuously with a few taps on your phone.

Myth #3: hearing aids don’t make that much difference

The advent of digital signal processing was a game-changer for hearing aids. This gives users greater clarity even against background noise, helped by directional microphones, as well as more natural, richer sounds, especially when it comes to speech.

Myth #4: hearing aids make you look old

It’s the biggest myth of them all. Hearing aids mean you aren’t always asking people to speak up or repeat themselves. Hearing aids mean you won’t need to set your phone to speaker mode every time you answer a call. Hearing aids mean you can keep up in conversations and contribute your wit and wisdom. Forget older and frailer, think older and wiser.

So are you convinced yet?

If you are a ‘seeing is believing’ type, then come see us at Allison Audiology. We provide a range of leading brand hearing aids, covering all types from BTE to CIC, so we’re certain we can find the right fit for your lifestyle and get you back to living life to the max.

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Jana Emola-Austin, Au.D.

Raised in Bryan, Texas, Jana completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University before attending the University of North Texas with an ambition to earn her master’s degree in speech pathology. However, a required audiology class soon set her on a new career path. She became enthralled with the subject and says audiology resonated with her because it involved everything she enjoys – helping people to improve their lives and relationships with others and using technology to make positive impacts. Following this revelation, Jana went on to graduate with her Doctor of Audiology degree. After many years of assisting patients in the clinic on a daily basis, Jana’s main responsibilities at Allison Audiology have shifted to a management role. She now works behind the scenes focusing on administrative, management, and marketing responsibilities.