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Insurance Coverage

Do Your Insurance Benefits Cover You For Hearing Care?

We often get asked, “Does my insurance cover me for hearing care and/or hearing aids?”

At Allison Audiology, we’re unique because we partner with major insurance companies and often find that your benefits offer coverage for your hearing testing and hearing aids.

With each insurance company offering different levels of care and coverage, you may be unsure to what level you’re covered for.

From experience, we find that some benefits cover you for just a hearing test, while others cover you for the latest technology and our premium care.

If you experience hearing loss and are unsure about what your insurance covers, it can be very confusing.

Don’t worry, our friendly team is on hand to check your benefits and explain your hearing coverage to you so that it is easily understood.  We just need some simple information and we can then run the checks for you.

Simply complete the form, we’ll compile your benefit information, and go over all the details with you.  For additional information and questions to ask, the Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Saying “Yes!” to Hearing Aids is also beneficial.