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Jabra Enhance Plus

The Jabra Enhance Plus Devices Have Landed – But Who Are They For?


With 28.8 million Americans not treating their hearing loss, even though doing so would improve communication with everyone they care for, it makes sense that offering a low-cost hearing aid might lower those numbers. 

Hence President Biden’s executive order. So far, both Bose and Jabra have responded to the call with their first offerings to the hearing market, with Jabra’s device called the Jabra Enhance Plus and marketed as “miniaturized 3-in-1 earbuds for hearing enhancement, music and calls.” 

Products like this are important because a good entry-level solution has not been available in the hearing healthcare landscape until now. Prior to this release, amplifiers were the only option before seeking a prescription hearing aid.

Now there is a reliable option for entry-point hearing care – one that is designed for situational use and comes with a lower cost.

Who Is the Enhance Plus A Good Fit For?

The Enhance Plus is great for those who have hearing challenges in some situations but not all – usually people with a mild to moderate hearing loss or who only have difficulty hearing certain pitches or tones.

If you’re not ready for prescription-grade hearing aids just yet, the Enhance Plus is a good entry-level grade solution. 

Based on the technology, we anticipate patients who have a mild hearing loss will use these.

We also expect that people with normal hearing but who still experience challenges hearing in background noise, in meetings, while watching TV, and in various other environments will benefit from this added boost of hearing help.

Once you’ve been using the Enhance Plus for a while, you’ll start noticing areas where the device isn’t helping enough. This is when it may be time to consider true prescription-level devices. 


What Does “Self-Fitting” Mean?

Unlike prescription hearing aids that are fit to your hearing prescription by your hearing professional, “self-fitting” devices are very similar to reading glasses in that they are plug-and-play from the box. 

Setup – There are a few steps to set them up and pair them to your iPhone, but after that, they are ready for use. There is no Android app available yet.

Basic features – For entry-level devices like the Enhance Plus, patients must understand that this is not a traditional hearing aid like the aids they are accustomed to or have thought about before.

Not for all-day use – A device like the Enhance Plus is designed for situational use, not an all-day solution. With the battery life lasting about 8 to 10 hours, it is not designed to last a full day because it is not meant for full-time use.

Sound filters – Like prescription hearing devices that also make automatic adjustments for various environments, such as different levels of background noise, softer or louder talkers, etc., the Enhance Plus has three listen modes: adaptive, focus, and surround. You can also switch to each mode via the app.

Fit – These fit as well as any earbud you might buy. If your current earbuds fall out, these likely will too. There is no fitting support.

Hearing test – The hearing test for the Enhance Plus is taken via the app and only measures a very minimal amount of data. It is nothing like a professional audiological evaluation

Similar to reading glasses when thinking of vision loss, the Enhance Plus will give a small boost to speech and environmental sounds, but it is not designed to be as savvy as prescription-grade hearing devices.

Not Sure If You’re Ready For Hearing Aids?

If someone is considering hearing help but isn’t certain if they’re ready, the Enhance Plus is a great starting point. It will provide hearing help for difficult situations and then be put away when it’s no longer needed.

So this is a great part-time-use option for those who know they have hearing challenges but aren’t quite ready to take the next step to a full prescription-grade solution.

Allison Audiology is a Certified Jabra Enhance Center, so we can answer all your questions and provide you with a pair.

Book your hearing assessment so we can gauge your hearing level and make sure your hearing loss does not have a medical cause. And call or email us with any questions at all about hearing loss and different treatments.

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