Hearing Aid Repair for Houston, Texas

For those who need a boost in their hearing and a little extra help communicating with those around them, hearing aids are an essential piece of equipment that help you stay connected with friends and loved ones, interact with coworkers, neighbors, and other members of the community, and enable you to carry out the basic daily tasks of an independent lifestyle.

It is easy to get frustrated and discouraged when your hearing aids don’t perform as designed. You might even be tempted to toss them in the junk drawer along with other malfunctioning electronic devices.

Please don’t do that.

Besides helping provide better hearing, your hearing aids slow cognitive decline, help prevent issues with balance and vertigo, and decrease your risk of developing various negative mental and physical health issues.

Rather than give up on a poor performing device, bring it to our hearing aid specialists at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.

Whether you take advantage of our tele-audiology or curbside service for troubleshooting or programming support, or need to bring them by the office for maintenance and/or repair, we’ve got you covered.

Hearing aid output diagnosis results prior to repair at Allison Audiology Houston, TX

Three Common Hearing Aid Repair Issues

We’ve repaired thousands of hearing aids over the years and find that the issues with most of them fall into one of three categories:


Wax buildup penetrating into the delicate electronic components, causing them to malfunction.
Excessive moisture that leads to shorting or a faulty connection due to corrosion.
Broken components and loose wires from dropping and/or stepping on your device, faulty components, or daily wear.

Quick Tip:

A faithful habit of daily cleaning and care of your hearing aids, avoiding moisture, performing frequent inspections of your device to identify problems before they get worse, and keeping up with deep cleaning and scheduled maintenance appointments are the best way to avoid most of these problems.

Our Repair Service

Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Centers in Houston offers full-service, in-house repairs for hearing aids. As with any electronic device, accidents can happen and components malfunction. Our team of professionals perform most hearing aid repairs in our office, same day, but sometimes your device needs to be sent to a manufacturer. We’re more than happy to coordinate those services for you.

Simple Solutions

Often, patients contact our office worried their hearing aid is not producing sound and feel a repair is needed. Many repairs involve little more than changing the wax guard or hearing aid filter, changing the battery, or some other form of troubleshooting.

What If I Didn’t Purchase My Hearing Aids At Your Office?

We work with the major manufacturers in the hearing industry, including:

We have the tools, parts, and expertise necessary to make repairs in our office. So, even if you did not purchase your hearing devices with us, we are still able and happy to assist with your hearing aid repair and/or maintenance needs. Once you bring in your hearing devices and we have a chance to assess the issue, we’ll contact the manufacturer for warranty information (if available), and go from there, keeping you in the information loop each step along the way.

Super friendly and very helpful. Allison Audiology isn’t my normal audiologist but i had a malfunction of one of my aids that i needed fixed quickly. I called and they got me in right away and fixed my issue and I was out the door in less than 30 minutes. The audiologists were super friendly and helpful and I am planning on using them as my regular provider. They have multiple audiologists on staff and this should make it better for last minutes fixes if they are needed. I have purchased hearing aids for 30 years and I have never experienced a more friendly and helpful staff. When they are that helpful when you’re not even a normal patient I have to believe they treat their regular patients that way or better. Highly recommend them for your hearing aid needs.
– Terry L.

Always attentive and helpful with questions. Terrific service for maintaining my hearing aids. Always punctual with service.
– Wayne S.

Servicing for my hearing aids has been good. All my questions have been answered. The ambiance within the office is friendly and comfortable. I’ve been to three audiology offices in Houston. Allison Audiology is the best of the three Audiology offices that I’ve visited.
– David P.

Receive a Valuation Quote on Your Existing Hearing Aids

Available on all manufacturers and model (includes over-the-counter, PSAP’s or prescription devices).

If you’re exploring new hearing technology, and you’re an existing hearing aid wearer, then you may benefit from receiving a valuation quote on your existing technology.

Based on the manufacturer, model, age and condition - we’ll calculate a generous valuation on your devices that you could utilize as part of a trade-in towards new technology.

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FAQ’s About Hearing Aid Repair

Q. Why should I trust you to fix my hearing aids?

A. We’ve been repairing and servicing hearing aids for several years, keeping hundreds of clients happy, many without even having to send the hearing aid to a factory to be repaired!

Q. Can’t I just repair my hearing aid at home?

A. The very thought makes us cringe. Except for daily cleaning, keeping them dry, and changing batteries, leave hearing aid repairs to those who have the right training and equipment to do it properly without invalidating the warranty or doing damage to the delicate technology and programmed settings.

Q. Should I replace or repair my hearing aids?

A. There are occasions when repairs might cost more than replacement, but that’s usually not the case. If the damage is irreversible and it is covered by your device manufacturer, then replacement makes a lot of sense. It also makes sense if your hearing aids have a long history of needing repair, are out of warranty, and/or are near or beyond the typical five years of service in order to take advantage of new technology.

Q. How long will repairs take?

A. Simple repairs can be done while you wait. When there is extensive damage or when we have to send them to the manufacturer, it will take longer, but we’ll work to get them back to you as soon as possible.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair Appointment

Are you toying with the idea of tossing your hearing aids into the junk drawer because they’re damaged or not performing as designed? Resist the temptation and bring them to our hearing aid repair experts at Allison Audiology so you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle benefits they provide.

Contact our Houston hearing center by completing and submitting the adjacent form, and we’ll call you back to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment.

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