You Don’t Have to Live with the Ringing in Your Ears

“The incessant ringing in my ears is driving me crazy!” Is this what you’re experiencing?

An estimated 50 million people in the United States experience some form or level of the neurological disorder known as tinnitus. Most cases involve only temporary symptoms that occur after being in a noisy stadium, a loud concert, a night in the club, discharging a firearm without hearing protection, or experiencing an explosive event.

Those with chronic, or ongoing symptoms that last 24/7 usually find that it’s difficult to concentrate while working or studying, struggle to relax, or find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep due to the severity of the constant noise.

Though chronic tinnitus does not cause you to lose your hearing, it is often associated with the damage to your hearing that leads to hearing loss.

Our audiologists at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center understand your struggle with tinnitus and we’re eager to provide answers about tinnitus as well as helping you achieve ongoing relief through tinnitus management.

Allison Audiology's tinnitus expert with a female patient at the Houston office
A female suffering from tinnitus aka ringing in the ears
What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a neurological condition that creates the perception of sounds that are not really present in your surrounding environment, or a “phantom” perception generated somewhere along the auditory pathway.  The exact cause of tinnitus is not known, but many researchers compare the condition to the neurological disease known as “phantom limb” experienced by amputees.

Each individual’s tinnitus is unique and can be continuous or pulsating in nature as well as subjective or objective. Subjective tinnitus is usually called “ringing in the ears,” but can sound like whirring, clicking, or buzzing noises that aren’t present in the environment, and are only heard by the person with the condition.

In contrast, objective tinnitus can be heard by others and is treated with surgical or other medical methods. Regardless of whether your tinnitus is subjective or objective, there are several conditions that tend to be present along with or lead to tinnitus, including:

  • Hearing loss
  • Exposure to loud noise (Noise Induced Hearing Loss, NIHL)
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Ototoxic drugs
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Acoustic neuroma
  • Hyper/hypothyroidism
  • Abnormal growth of bone in the ear
  • Tumor on the cranial nerve
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Impacted earwax

Tinnitus Relief Begins with a Tinnitus Assessment

In the beginning, it is important to rule out any medical reasoning for your onset of tinnitus and so forth. During your initial tinnitus appointment, we will lay the groundwork for your unique Tinnitus Relief Program with a tinnitus assessment, including:
  • A case history, including specific information regarding your condition, such as how it affects your quality of life, any medications you’re taking, medical conditions you might have, or other factors known to present with tinnitus symptoms.
  • We conduct a complete hearing evaluation to determine if your condition is associated with hearing loss. (Please let us know if you’ve had a recent diagnostic hearing assessment.)
  • The tinnitus questionnaire and tinnitus evaluation measure the loudness and pitch of your symptoms.
  • A Tinnitus Handicap Inventory may be used to determine the extent of its impact on your lifestyle.
  • Discussion of appropriate treatment options.

In some cases, testing by an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist is necessary to rule out other suspected vestibular or vascular medical conditions that can cause tinnitus symptoms.

Allison Audiology’s Tinnitus Relief Program
Tinnitus can be tricky in nature, meaning some days it can be mild, while others it keeps you awake at night. If your tinnitus is impacting your day-to-day lifestyle and you are like most people in that you want relief, it may be time to consider a Tinnitus Relief Program. Here are some questions to help you determine if our program is right for you:
  • Does your tinnitus frustrate you in a quiet room?
  • Does your tinnitus keep you awake at night?
  • Is it hard to focus on tasks because your tinnitus gets in the way?
Female tinnitus doctor physically examining a patient's ear
Audiologist discussing tinnitus treatment plan with a female patient at Allison Audiology Houston, TX

If your tinnitus is negatively impacting your life, then a Tinnitus Relief Program is a good option for you. Dr Lindsey offers comprehensive, personalized tinnitus treatment options at our Houston office.

Our Doctors of Audiology will guide you through a series of appointments (offering in-office and virtual visits), working closely with you each step of the way in order to customize a tinnitus management program to address your unique tinnitus needs.

We combine hearing aids, which often reduce symptoms in those with accompanying hearing loss, as well as sound treatment therapy, behavioral therapy, and more to guide you toward the relief you need from the ringing in your ears.

The staff at Allison Audiology was very friendly and extremely professional. Dr. Larson helped me get the hearing that I have desired for many years. I can’t recommend them strongly enough.
– Ronnie W.

The best staff and friendly service. They really do care about your needs and make sure your satisfaction is top notch. They always make sure my hearing needs are taken care of.
– Billy R.

The people here are amazing! Everyone is interested in helping people hear better. They take the time to listen, and try to ensure that the patient gets the support that he/she needs. I cannot think of another business where I feel they have my interest and happiness at heart! I have always been treated with respect and consideration. If someone has hearing loss, this is the place to go! I won’t go anywhere else!
– Richard B.

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We are fully aware that each case of tinnitus affects individuals in different ways, so our approach is highly personalized to meet the unique needs of each patient. If the ringing, buzzing, or humming sounds of tinnitus on a frequent or ongoing basis are making it difficult to concentrate, relax or get a good night’s sleep, the first step to managing your condition is to get the professional help you need from Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.

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