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The Top 5 Insurance Questions to Ask Before Saying “Yes!” to Hearing Aids

Navigating health insurance can feel like it’s a huge task if you don’t know the right questions to ask or don’t know where to turn.  That’s why our insurance specialists at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center are here to help you and take the burden off your hands.  At your visit, our insurance specialist will go over your hearing coverage and file any claims on your behalf with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, Aetna, Humana, Medicare, and many more.

To make sure you and your hearing healthcare provider are on the same page, we have asked Stephanie Young, Office Manager at the Allison Audiology Houston location, the most important questions to ask so that you are fully knowledgeable about how your specific insurance coverage relates to hearing aids.

Question 1:  “Are hearing aids covered under my plan?” 

Answer:  All insurance plans are different. There is no plan that is made the same. We can find out if you do have hearing and hearing aid coverage under your insurance plan and discuss the benefit coverage with you at your visit.

Question 2: “My hearing aids are covered at a certain percent. What does that mean?” 

Answer:  Some insurance covers hearing aids entirely at 100%, and others cover a portion. Once you come in for your visit, the audiologist will go over your coverage in greater detail with you and how it relates to the specific hearing aids you’re seeking.

Question 3: “How often can I get hearing aids through my insurance?” 

Answer:  All insurance plans are different, but it usually ranges about every three years or every 36 rolling months.  

Question 4:  “Since my hearing testing is covered, does that mean I also have hearing aid coverage under my insurance?” 

Answer:  With some insurance, your hearing test is in-network, but the hearing devices are out-of-network. So it’s very important that you find an audiologist that’s in-network for you’re your testing and hearing aids.  

Question 5:  “Are there certain types of hearing aids that you can get under your insurance plan?” 

Answer:  There are many different devices and many different options. It’s best to speak with the audiologist, and once your hearing test has been done, you can go over what technology pertains to your needs and benefits in more detail. 

For more information regarding hearing healthcare and insurance coverage, our team encourages you to contact either Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center at our Houston and Lake Jackson locations.  You may also submit your insurance information to have your benefits checked for your convenience.