Quick trivia for you…

How many drawbacks are there to getting a hearing test? Answer: 0

And how many benefits are there to getting a hearing test? Answer: 3

Whilst the drudgery of booking yet another routine examination is far from appealing, we here at Allison Audiology want you to know one thing: 

We care about your hearing health. 

That said, we’ve put together a few benefits of having a hearing test that you might be quite surprised to hear…


Extra Benefit #1 – Pick up problems in your ear

OK, so this is quite an obvious benefit, but arguably the most important. 

Through your hearing test, we’ll be able to tell you what’s causing that excessive wax build up, or whether the current level of noise you’re exposing yourself to is actually damaging your hearing. The test will also pick up any issues with the overall mechanics of your ear that could, if left untreated, cause major problems later down the line. 


Extra Benefit #2 – Pick up other medical problems

Feeling constantly blocked, bunged up, or out of kilter? Your ears are directly linked to your sinuses, brain and overall balance, so a hearing test can identify an underling health problem that may or may not be related to your ears. Ringing in the ears is one of the most common signs of hearing loss, and it can easily be picked up during a routine exam. 

In addition to this, we find that young children who are having problems with wax build up, might need tubes to allow for proper draining of wax and fluid from their ears – it’s something that’s not immediately obvious to a parent, but an audiologist can spot it right away. 


Extra Benefit #3 – You can learn a thing or two too  

We’re all guilty of taking certain parts of our body for granted, but it seems crazy to think we routinely brush our teeth 2 times a day and yet give almost no attention to our ears!

Another good benefit of a hearing test is that we will take time to properly educate you on how to look after your ears. From tips to cleaning wax from your ears at home, to understanding the difference between your outer ear, ear canal and ear drum, we’ll also tell you what to avoid and what to do to protect yourself from damage. 

Not only that, but we’ll also tell you what signs to look out for should a hearing problem arise. 

So, now you know the extra benefits of having a hearing test, what are you going to do – sit back and forget all these good things you’ve just learned potentially forgoing an opportunity to rectify some inner wrongs, or be kind to yourself and book a hearing test with the friendly folk at Allison Audiology?


We hope it’s the latter, and to make it really easy for you to book your hearing test, just call 832 703-1999, or fill out our short contact form. 


We hope to see you very soon.