Dr. Jana E. Austin, Au.D. - Audiologist at Allison Audiology

Jana E. Austin

Au.D. - Doctor of Audiology

Raised in Bryan, Texas, Jana completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University before attending the University of North Texas with an ambition to earn her master’s degree in speech pathology.

However, a required audiology class soon set her on a new career path. She became enthralled with the subject and says audiology resonated with her because it involved everything she enjoys – helping people to improve their lives and relationships with others and using technology to make positive impacts. Following this revelation, Jana went on to graduate with her Doctor of Audiology degree.

After many years of assisting patients in the clinic on a daily basis, Jana’s main responsibilities at Allison Audiology have shifted to a management role. She now works behind the scenes focusing on administrative, management, and marketing responsibilities.

Reflecting on her career, she says she loves the positive impact audiology has on a person’s life. She explains, “It allows a person to hear sounds they wouldn’t normally hear due to hearing loss or other auditory conditions.” Jana notes that although she no longer works hands-on with patients on a daily basis, her current responsibilities are aimed at improving the lives of everyone who visits the office.

Outside of work, Jana loves spending time with her family, two dogs, and in the kitchen. She also enjoys weekend getaways and catching up with her extended family. She points out that although she isn’t really a Galveston beach person, she loves spending time in the salty air and enjoying the coastal life.

If you could have dinner with one person, who would you choose?

This is a tough one. While most people would opt for a famous figure, I would choose my grandmother. Since she passed away several years ago, it would be wonderful to have time to catch up, talk about how life has changed, and enjoy our time together again.

What is your favorite sports team?

The Houston Astros.

What is your favorite food?

For years, Mexican food would have won by a landslide, but now I’m more into comfort, traditional American foods.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

As long as my dogs could be by my side, I’d love to visit a string of tropical destinations and then take in the Amalfi Coast.

What’s your all-time favorite TV show/series?

It’s hard to pick one when you like a variety. I would have to say Frasier, Designing Women, all the way to The Sopranos.

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