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Your First Hearing Appointment

Scheduling a visit for a hearing check can be a big step, no matter if it’s for yourself or for a loved one.  Rest assured you are in the best hands when it comes to hearing healthcare when visiting our Houston and Lake Jackson hearing centers.

At your first visit, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff.  As your visit starts, our providers will learn more about you, the concerns you have, and hearing challenges you are experiencing. 

For hearing assessment visits, our team members will check the health of your ear canal before any testing begins.  From there, a diagnostic evaluation will be performed, assessing what sounds and at what levels they can be heard, as well as how well speech can be understood in quiet and in background noise.  Based on the concerns and symptoms reported, additional testing may be performed to assess the health of the auditory system as a whole. 

Your hearing is as unique as your fingerprint, therefore assessments and recommendations are based on the needs of each patient.

If your first visit is for service on your hearing devices, Bluetooth connections, or hearing aid repairs, know our team is here to get your devices back to working order and you hearing your best.  If you did not purchase your hearing devices from Allison Audiology, that’s okay.  We are here to help get you back on the road to clearer hearing again.