When you get the news you need hearing aids, there are many things that will go through your mind:


  • How much will they cost? 
  • What will they look like?
  • Will I be judged?
  • Does this mean I’m PAST IT!?


At Allison Audiology, we’re here to tell you that getting hearing aids shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, in fact, quite the opposite, as hearing aids can oftentimes enable you to live a more enjoyable and sound-filled life, and even give you the best hearing clarity you’ve ever had!


Let us walk you through a few things to consider before making your decision…


#1 Trust your Audiologist

This might seem like a bizarre thing to say, but trust us, you need to trust your Audiologist! If you feel comfortable with them, you will certainly be more inclined to take their advice, which is always given with your best interests at heart. Getting hearing aids is a big deal and you need to know there’s someone you can turn to if you feel lost with the process.

In addition to this, if you need or qualify for financial assistance with your hearing aids, your Audiologist will be able to advise you on your options.

Of course, it’s good to mention here that the Audiologists here at Allison’s have a 100% patient happiness rating!


#2 Know the different styles

Not to confuse you, but there are 3 different styles, all of which play their own role in delivering maximum impact for the various types of hearing loss they help. 


  • First up, we have the ‘behind the ear’ hearing aids that sit in your ear with a coil that hooks behind. By far the most common, this style is what you’d typically expect a hearing aid to look like and suit people with severe hearing loss.
  • ‘In the ear’ hearing aids sit right inside the ear just on the outskirts of the ear canal, which makes them less visible than behind the ear ones. The beauty of these is they are fit precisely to your ear’s measurements, but can be rather costly.
  • Last up we have ‘completely-in-canal’, which sit completely in the ear canal and is almost invisible. These are the preferred option for people suffering mild or moderate hearing loss. 


#3 Get Fancy 

Like with all modern technology, there’s a standard version and an all singling, all dancing, jazzed up version. Hearing aids are no different. For the sake of keeping things simple here, we’ll just tell you that you can add additional features to your hearing aids that can further enhance your experience with them, however you’ll be told about these once you decide which type you go for. 


#4 Your lifestyle 

It’s important to remember that your hearing aids should fit around you and not the other way round. That said, think about your daily activities. Do you watch TV? Do you swim, hike or dance? Do you like loud places such as music concerts, sports games or bars? Knowing this and then feeding the information back to your Audiologist will enable him or her to identify which aid is going to fit nicely with your life. If, for example, you are a keen swimmer, some hearing aids are definitely not right for frequent chlorine exposure, so you can see why this is an important consideration point. 

Your working environment is also important to take into consideration, as, for example, musicians, construction workers or bar tenders may require stronger hearing aid support than say an accountant working in silence. 


#5 Ask for a demonstration

When it comes to your health, you should never be afraid to ask for more information. In the case of finding a hearing aid, one of the best ways to get the information you need is to ask for a demonstration. Also, be aware of any fine print and ensure you’re comfortable with the terms and conditions before you make the purchase. 

Ultimately, when you know you need to invest in hearing aids, it’s a good idea to do the research, you’ll certainly thank yourself in the long run. 

The team here at Allison’s Audiology are trained to give you the best advice completely tailored to your individual needs. 



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