Hearing Tests

hearing-test-1.jpgBetter hearing begins with a thorough assessment of your hearing ability. Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers use state of the art technology and equipment to expertly determine the degree and nature of your hearing loss. 

These Houston and Lake Jackson audiologists understand the challenges of navigating the urban and rural environments in our area. We offer more than just pure tone audiometry. We use a variety of assessments to determine what sounds you hear and what sounds you are missing.

Video otoscopy 

The video otoscope gives Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center audiologists the ability to view the external ear and tympanic membrane with a clarity not achievable with the traditional otoscope. You get improved hearing aid assessment and fitting, better earwax management and a better understanding of how your ears are functioning. 

Otoacoustic emissions 

hearing-test-2.jpgOtoacoustic emissions (OAEs) are the sounds that are emitted by properly functioning cells in the cochlea. OAE testing requires no feedback from the person being tested. This makes it a perfect testing method for infants, people affected by stroke or on the autism spectrum. It can even be performed on a person that is sleeping. A probe is inserted in the outer third of the ear canal to perform the test. 

Audiometric testing 

Pure-tone testing is the gold standard for basic hearing evaluation. This measures the ability of your ears to detect both tone and volume. Tone refers to the frequency of sound, whether it is deep or high in pitch. Volume refers to the intensity or loudness of the sound. Results are plotted for both ears on a visual audiogram and our audiologists interpret the results for you.

Middle ear evaluations 

hearing-test-3.jpgWe use the latest in technology to determine how sound flows through your middle ear and test the function of the tympanic membrane. Many ear infections start in the middle ear and interfere with hearing. 

Speech processing testing 

Not all trouble with hearing is due to hearing loss. Auditory processing disorders may affect your ability to hear and understand speech. Our highly specialized testing evaluates all areas of auditory functions. 

The first step to diagnosing any degree of hearing loss is a diagnostic hearing evaluation. We use the most advanced technology available and our audiologist will take the time to explain all findings.

Speech-in-noise testing

Used to determine what thresholds you can clearly hear in loud or bustling environments, the speech-in-noise test offers our audiologists a detailed look at which pitches and tones you struggle with. While it can be difficult to hear in noisy situations, if you have hearing loss it will make this task much more difficult.

What to Expect at a Hearing Test from an Audiologist