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Have you wondered lately if you might have some hearing loss? It’s possible that you wouldn’t even know because hearing loss is so gradual, but perhaps your friends or family have been commenting on how you don’t seem to hear as clearly, or you’ve noticed yourself finding it more difficult to hear in noisy places.

To help you have a better idea of how good your hearing is, our audiologists have put together a very short quiz that consists of a few multiple-choice questions. Once you answer the first question below, the next question will appear, and so on.

At the end of the survey, you’ll see your score, and when you send it to us, it will let us know if your hearing health is still good or not as good as it could be.

Then we can recommend your next steps toward making sure your hearing is cared for properly.

These quiz scores are not verified medical results. Only a professional hearing assessment can assess your hearing properly.

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It’s often the small questions and concerns that hold us back from making the right decision for our hearing health or helping a loved one in their journey to better hearing.

That’s why one of our hearing experts is on hand to help.

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