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Does your hearing seem muted or are your ears stuffy or aching? You could be experiencing an issue with impacted earwax.

Earwax is nature’s way of cleaning out your ears by attracting and capturing dirt, dust, and other debris while also preventing irritation and infection, but it can build up and become impacted. Impacted earwax can lead to dizziness, balance problems, headaches, ear pain, and a sudden hearing loss.

The use of cotton swabs or some other object (we shudder to imagine) in order to clear out the earwax is usually the most common cause of impacted earwax, because in the process of attempting to clean it out, the earwax gets pushed together or pushed farther down your ear canal, making things worse.

The safest, most effective, and fastest way to get rid of earwax is to have it removed by a hearing care specialist at Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center.

Earwax removal expert inspecting ear of a female patient at Allison Audiology Houston, TX
I needed my earwax removed. I called one clinic, and they were 60 days out from 1st appointment. I called Allison and was in the next morning. They were professional and it took a short period of time.
– Jay B.

Ryan did an excellent procedure removing impacted earwax from both of my ears. He used the Earigator and was very gentle on my sensitive ear canals.
– Peter

Friendly, Fast, Easy, and Affordable. Went for a same day walk-in earwax removal. Would highly recommend this place.
– Godswill N.

The Myths and Misconceptions
Surrounding Earwax Removal

We’ve heard plenty of myths, misconceptions, and treatment suggestions associated with getting rid of earwax over the years. We’d like to expose some of them and provide you with the truth to help prevent making your earwax issues worse.

Myth #1 – My ears just make too much earwax!

Most people’s ears make just the right amount of earwax. However, cleaning them too often signals the cells that make the earwax to step up and make more because your ear canal is too dry.

Myth #2 – Cotton swabs will do the trick

No, they won’t, and they can be dangerous. When using a cotton swab, you’re apt to push earwax farther down the ear canal until it gets impacted. In addition to a higher risk of packing wax against the eardrum or piercing it, the cotton end can come off the stick and get stuck, requiring professional removal.

Myth #3 – I’ll get my tips from YouTube videos

DIY tutorial videos are great for learning how to make certain crafts products, product reviews, etc., but the people who make them are rarely experts in audiology or have any experience in hearing health care. What you learn from video tips may actually cause more harm than good.

Myth #4 – My ears will sort it out themselves

Ear pain, muted sound, and stuffiness are signs that something is wrong and suggest an intervention is required. A hearing care professional can provide safe and effective relief without doing any harm to your ears.
A young girl sitting in audiologist office during earwax removal process

What Happens During an Earwax Removal Appointment?

If you’ve had your ears cleaned in the past, there is a chance it wasn’t the most comfortable experience.

Many use a curette for removal, shoving it deep into your ear canal, poking, and pulling the wax out. Irrigation can be just as uncomfortable if the water is cold or at too high of pressure.

Our Houston office uses the Earigator for safe, easy, effective, and comfortable earwax removal. Unlike traditional irrigation methods, the Earigator warms the water to your body’s temperature and helps to soften the wax while it massages your ear canal.

Once the wax softens, it, and any accompanying debris, is gently flushed from your ear canal.

You’ll not only enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have clean ears, free of occluding debris, fungi, bacteria, and any other nastiness, but you’re less likely to put off having your ears cleaned or trying to do it yourself.

To see our earwax removal experts and Earigator in action, visit our social media pages to check out our earwax removal videos.

Audiologist performing ear cleaning with earigator at Allison Audiology Houston, TX

Schedule Your Earwax Removal Appointment

We’re here to make sure your hearing system is working as it should, free of obstructions and bacteria and fungi that cause infections and irritation. Allison Audiology and Earigator provide a simple, quick, and effective solution to impacted earwax without the discomfort of traditional earwax removal methods.

If you have any questions or concerns about earwax removal for you or a loved one or would like to schedule an earwax removal appointment in Houston, contact us by filling out the adjacent form.

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