10 Reasons To Choose Us

#1 – A Track Record of Helping Thousands of Local People to Achieve Better Hearing

You’ll be partnering with a team of hearing experts that have helped thousands of others to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for through advanced hearing healthcare.

#2 - The Highest-Rated Audiologists in Houston

With over 500 5-star reviews, we’re the highest-rated audiologists and hearing care professionals across Houston with an average score of 4.9 stars.

#3 – Trusted by Local Physicians

As trusted medical experts, we have developed a reputation which means that local physicians turn to us for advice, support and help on complex cases.

#4 – Follow the Highest-Level of Audiological Standards

Through our methodical process of best practices, you can ensure that you receive a gold-standard level of hearing healthcare that is delivered by a team of experienced Doctors of Audiology.

#5 – Work with all Levels of Technology

By partnering with all major manufacturers, we’re able to find the right technology based on your exact circumstances, needs and budget. This ensures that we’re never trying to make a “square peg fit into a round hole” – instead, it’s always the ideal solution based on your needs.

#6 – Treated by a Doctor of Audiology

You will only ever be treated by a Doctor of Audiology to ensure that your hearing healthcare is the number one priority

#7 – Relationships with All Major Insurance Companies

With specialist insurance billing experts and relationships with all major insurance companies, we can help you to maximize your insurance benefits.

#8 - One Convenient and Beautiful Location

We pay attention to the details, and this shows when you visit our offices. We take great pride in making our clinic our second home and we decorate them to be comfortable, modern and nice places to spend your time

#9 – The Latest Equipment

To ensure we stay at the fore-front of the industry, we often invest in the latest and greatest technology to ensure we deliver the highest level of audiological care at all times.

#10 – 'Three of Texas' Best-Rated Doctors of Audiology

Nobody wants to be on a pilot’s first flight, or be a surgeon’s first surgery – you want to have the confidence that you’re working with experienced experts. Our team are made up of some of the most trusted and highest-rated hearing care professionals in the state.

Nicest and most accommodating provider of services I have ever come across. Knowledgeable, kind, patient! Everyone in office is just fantastic.

– Jim M.

I receive a very professional service every time I visit your office. You have a highly qualified and friendly staff.
– Manuel G.

Great experience. Very friendly and accommodating-from the wonderful receptionist, doctor and even the person checking you out.
– Jamie J.

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