What to Expect During Your Hearing Aid Fitting

Once we’ve helped guide you through the process of selecting the hearing aid right for you, we’ll customize them to fit your unique hearing profile. This is one of the major advantages of seeing an audiologist for hearing care rather than choosing an OTC or online hearing aid.

The three-step process of a hearing aid fitting used by Allison Audiology is part of the best practices we follow. The process takes about an hour and is designed to help you become more familiar with your hearing aids, program them to meet your needs, and make the necessary adjustments or fine-tuning that help you get the most out of your hearing instruments.

1. Your Hearing Aid Walkthrough

During your walkthrough, you’ll learn:

  • How to insert and remove the hearing aids from your ears.
  • How to change and charge the batteries.
  • How to clean and maintain your devices.
  • How to use the various features and accompanying technology.

We cover a lot of information during this appointment, so you might want to bring along a family member or close friend for support. If written instructions would be helpful, your provider will be more than happy to supply them.

2. Fitting Your Hearing Aids

Wearing a hearing aid for the first time can be a unique experience and tends to stir up mixed emotions about the various sounds you hear. During your fitting, your provider will conduct additional tests to ensure your devices are meeting your specific hearing needs.

We want specific feedback to help with the process, so we may give you a short survey or questionnaire; please answer each question honestly so your provider can ensure your devices are working properly. The goal of your device is to make sounds more audible and clearer, but also pleasant, so if your device is uncomfortable, your provider can make small adjustments to help it feel more natural, both in fit and sound.

Keep in mind that the first fitting is only a starting point. You will probably discover that you will need further adjustments as you wear them in your daily life.

3. Hearing Aid Adjustment

The biggest adjustment to hearing aids isn’t usually the device, but your personal adjustment to your hearing instrument. Studies indicate that individuals who have a positive outlook regarding their hearing aids and journey to better hearing tend to adjust more easily and more rapidly to their hearing aids.

While adjustments and fine-tuning are a part of the process of “dialing in” your device to provide the optimum performance you need, getting used to wearing them, cleaning them, and troubleshooting are a major part of the process of acclimating to your hearing aids. Your provider is here to help you get the most out of your new hearing aids, so please reach out for support or with questions at any time.

Everything went very well with the adjustment of my mother in laws hearing aids. It took no time at all. Thank you.
– Arturo G.

This place is very professional and does a great job diagnosing their patients and custom tuning their hearing aids to the patient’s needs and specific types of hearing losses.
– Daniel C.

Went in for a 2 week follow-up after purchasing new aids. All my issues were quickly resolved. Great staff.
– John M.

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