Sonic Hearing Aids

A Sonic Hearing Aid Device

“Sound that is natural, Speech understanding in noise, Simplicity in everything we do, and Style that stands out” are features of the hearing aid designs delivered by Sonic. The company’s capacity to produce instruments that meet these “4S Objectives” is possible thanks to the collaboration of a group of scientists and engineers that specialize in sonar systems, digital mastering, and microelectronics.

Sonic’s Innovative Solutions for Hearing Aid Wearers

Sonic had digital signal processing (DSP) technology in place when the company launched. From this technology came the Natura computer chip, making it possible for hearing aid wearers to distinguish between conversations and background noise using digital, nine-channel processing.

The Natura chip also has the capacity to program the instruments in half-octave increments enhancing programming accuracy for hearing care professionals who are able to more accurately program Sonic hearing aids to meet user-specific hearing loss frequencies.

Available in BTE, ITE, ITC, mini canal (MC), and CIC styles, Sonic offers a wide range of small, discrete, and powerful devices with connectivity to iPhone, Android, and other digital devices. Combined with SoundLink Connect, hearing aid users are able to use connectivity to provide feedback to your hearing care provider and receive real-time fitting, programming, and adjustment support from the comfort of your homes or wherever you happen to be.

A Sonic Hearing Aid Device

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Patient-Focused Hearing Care from Allison Audiology

Sonic hearing aids are one of the many advanced hearing technology solutions available to address your unique hearing care needs at Allison Audiology, but they don’t replace you as our primary focus for personalized hearing care.

Our comprehensive hearing assessments lead to an accurate diagnosis of your hearing challenges and expert guidance in assisting you in the process of selecting the hearing instrument that best addresses your specific type and severity of hearing loss as well as meeting your personal and budget preferences.

Along with fitting you with an advanced technology hearing device, our audiologists also provide ongoing technical support, device maintenance, and hearing aid repair for devices from manufacturers like Sonic, Oticon, Signia, Phonak, and more, making it possible for residents of Houston to enjoy better hearing as well as a better quality of life.

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