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If you are starting to consider hearing aid technology to assist with your hearing challenges, we have the answers to many common questions related to hearing aids.

Almost twenty five years ago, Allison Audiology and Hearing Aid Center was established to bring better hearing to those in West Houston, near Memorial City. In 2018, Allison Audiology expanded its mission and brought advanced diagnostic hearing testing and hearing aids to Houston, Texas. No matter the location, the goal is to treat patients like family and keep people connected to people through better hearing.

If you are starting to consider hearing aid technology to assist with your hearing challenges, below are the answers to many common questions related to hearing aids.



While some devices still require traditional hearing aid batteries, such as the small, invisible styles, most manufacturers now have a rechargeable receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) option. With the new release of the lithium-ion rechargeable encased battery, reliability is far better than the pioneer rechargeable options from a few years ago. On average, one charge is approximately 3 hours, so you can charge the devices while you’re sleeping. One 3-hour charge allows for an average use time of 36 continuous hours. This use time includes streaming calls and audio from your smart phone.
In our busy society today, rechargeable options are the most convenient way to go. If you’re worried about needing longer battery life, many manufacturers have additional power packs as an available option. You can also use any on-the-go power pack of your choice, similar to an external battery pack to charge your phone. Though these options are available, it is quite rare to need to charge any hearing device during the day. One overnight charge provides plenty of battery power, even for the most active lifestyles.


It depends.

While there are two options for an invisible style, it really depends on your hearing loss and shape of your ear canal to determine if you’re a good candidate for this style option.

The most convenient invisible hearing solution is the Lyric, extended-wear device. Not only is this option truly invisible, you don’t have to worry about putting the device on in the morning or taking it out at night. Once you are sized and fit with your Lyric devices, Lyric remains in your ear for approximately 8 weeks. At that time, you return to our office for a short 10-minute visit to replace your device. Your current Lyric is thrown away and a new device is placed in your ear. Another bonus – there are not any batteries for you to remember to change. With Lyric, you live your normal life and go about your normal routine. If you lead a busy lifestyle or prefer a maintenance-free option, Lyric is a great solution for you. Contact our Houston office to determine if you’re a candidate for Lyric hearing aid technology. To learn more about Lyric, visit

If you are not a candidate for Lyric, another invisible option is called the invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid style. While this option does require battery changes, it’s a great invisible hearing solution. You have the flexibility to remove the device when you wish and re-insert it each day. While the IIC is small in size, it is mighty in terms of features and performance. With the introduction of a titanium shell and protected microphone design, the reliability of these small devices makes the IIC the best custom-made, invisible style when looking at traditional options, different from Lyric. IIC hearing aids are available at both our Houston offices.

Contact our office to determine if you are a candidate for Lyric or IIC hearing aid technology and what would be best for your needs.



Hearing devices that connect to Apple technology launched several years ago. Since that time, improvements to streaming sound quality and Bluetooth reliability have been made. More and more features are being launched to continue building on this platform.

In the past year, an Android compatible hearing aid was launched and has been a great option for our patients who do not have Apple products. Not only will it connect to Android devices, it will connect to any Bluetooth source. That means, pairing via Bluetooth to the television, speaker, computer, or any Bluetooth device is now possible!


This depends on how well you take care of them.

At each of the Houston offices, the majority of hearing solutions come with an advanced care plan. Just like any piece of durable medical equipment, a small amount of maintenance is required to ensure they last for years to come. A routine performance check by one of our audiologists or hearing professionals will ensure a thorough cleaning, allowing for the microphones to be cleared, filters changed, and deeper clean than you can do at home. Devices are then checked on a hearing instrument test box to ensure they are performing as programmed. With the appropriate care, hearing aids today should last you for years to come.

On average, the majority of patients tend to upgrade their hearing technology every 3 to 5 years. Not because the devices are not working correctly, but because with technology improvements, many see a significant improvement in their hearing abilities with the newer features. Just think, 3-5 years ago, the industry did not have reliable, rechargeable options. The newer models also allow for higher frequency responses, which gives more natural sound quality than ever before.


This is by far the most common question the Allison Audiology experts in Houston receive!

With so many options out there, it is hard to list an exact amount or give one over the phone unless a patient knows exactly what they are looking for. At Allison Audiology, we believe in making better hearing affordable for all. Our experts offer advanced digital hearing treatment plans that start at $99 per month. Options range from custom-made devices to technology with features like Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable selections.

To determine what is best for you, the Allison Audiology team recommends scheduling a consultation at the Houston offices to discuss your most challenging hearing situations, the degree of your hearing loss, and what features will best to suit your needs. From there, hearing solutions will be demonstrated and the best options for your specific challenges will be recommended. With a variety of options, Allison Audiology has a solution for every degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

If you are having difficulty and are ready to discuss hearing solutions, contact our Allison Audiology offices today. Call our office or schedule your visit online at Better hearing is what we do. With so many options available, there is no need to put off hearing your best any longer.

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