How to Decorate Your Hearing Aids

by | Oct 29, 2019 | Hearing Aids, Patient Resources

Hearing aids can be dressed up with fun looks, colors, and adapted into different shapes.

How to Decorate Hearing Aids for Halloween

With the excitement of candy and costumes, make sure your hearing aids are a fun part of your look too this Halloween! The fun goes on for all ages – kids and adults. Hearing aids can be dressed up with fun looks, colors, and adapted into different shapes. If you’re making modifications, here’s a few things to keep in mind. Don’t make a fabulous design and then realize it caused your hearing device to work incorrectly when you need to hear the Halloween fun!

Keep Hearing Aid Microphones Clear

If you’re coating your aids with a wrap or attaching anything to the devices, make sure to keep the microphones clear. Microphones are an integral part of the hearing aid design, as they pick up the sounds and speech to be amplified. If the microphones are covered or become clogged, sound coming into the aids can become distorted or even restricted completely. Make sure to leave openings so the microphones can work to their fullest potential.

Keep Buttons and Switches Clear

Much like keeping microphones clear, it’s important to keep any buttons or switches clear of debris. If using any type of wrap for color on the aids, be sure the buttons or switches can move freely. If a button becomes depressed, it can mute the hearing aids, change functions, or even disable the aid for a period of time. Making sure the buttons or switches are free to be engaged ensures the devices will work correctly.

Be Mindful of Battery Doors or Contacts

As silly as it sounds, make sure the battery door is free to open completely so that you may change the battery. This will ensure you can turn the aids off and on at night as well. If you’re devices are rechargeable, make sure any wraps or designs don’t interrupt the connection between the hearing aids and the charger. This means avoid covering any copper connection plates or adding designs that are too bulky and don’t allow the devices to rest on the charger correctly.

Use Precision with Adhesives

As with other guidelines, use caution when applying adhesives to make your designs stick to your hearing aids. You don’t want a glue or adhesive running into the microphone ports, accidentally gluing a door shut, or creating an obstruction between charging contacts.

If you’ve got a snazzy hearing aid design, we’d love to see it! Or, if you’ve had a little decorating oopsie, we’re here to help with that too. Feel free to contact either of our Allison Audiology locations in Houston .

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