The ReSound ONE Review: What do Patients and Audiologists Think About This New Technology

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If you’re considering whether the ReSound ONE technology is right for you, then this article should give you all the answers that you need

On September 1st, ReSound launched their much-anticipated new hearing device, the ReSound ONE.

To share an honest and comprehensive review, we invited a small number of our trusted patients to try this technology, and we asked our audiologists to share their feedback.

If you’re considering whether the ReSound ONE technology is right for you, then this article should give you all the answers that you need.

What’s New About the ReSound ONE?

Whereas nearly every hearing device for the past few decades has had microphones behind the ear, this new hearing technology adds a microphone within your ear canal, making it the only technology to offer three microphones. With the introduction of this third microphone, it means the wearer is now able to better detect speech sounds, determine where sounds are coming from, and produce a more natural listening experience for the wearer.

Take this picture into consideration. On the left, we are able to see sound energy as it enters a healthy ear canal, meaning there is no hearing aid sitting at the opening of the ear. When the same sound sample was measured with the MARIE speaker, you can see how closely the measurement matches that of the healthy, unaided ear.

When looking at a traditional hearing aid speaker, that does not have a microphone located at the entrance of the canal, you can see how the two measurements differ.

Introduction of the ultra-zoom setting to assist in background noise

The Ultra Focus program is a new feature, debuted specifically for the Resound One. With background noise being the most challenging listening environment, the Resound One performs to provide clarity in these situations. Historically, noise reduction programs and settings have been used in hearing technology to analyze where the sounds are coming, determining the dominant speech signal, and are designed to help the wearer understand speech in crowded environments.

While Ultra Focus is intended for use in crowds and noisy settings, it’s sole purpose is to focus on the person or area in front of the wearer. While noise reduction processing is used, the technology is not aiming to bring in clarity for talkers to the right and left of the wearer; it is designed to bring in clarity for the person or talker directly in front of the wear.

This delivers clarity that no hearing device has previously been able to achieve, giving you the closest thing to getting your full, natural hearing back.

All Access Directionality Noise Control

In addition to the Ultra Focus program, All Access Directionality has been introduced as the automatic noise control feature within the hearing device. Unlike Ultra Focus that is designed to focus on the signal directly in front of the wearer, All Access Directionality is an automatic setting that is constantly monitoring the environment to ensure speech is audible and separate from the noise. Microphones and processors are working congruently to shift focus and emphasis so that the speech signal ‘pops’ above the noise and background chatter, while still providing a clear, natural listening experience.

Resound One : Additional Features

While the Resound One has introduced several new features to the hearing industry, other popular features from previous technology have remained. For example, Resound technology remains one of the preferred tinnitus treatment options for those seeking relief from tinnitus. The Resound One continues to deliver top performing tinnitus options to use in a variety of tinnitus treatment protocols.

Additionally, as our world continues to embrace tele-medicine, the hearing industry is no different. Resound One continues to offer remote care options through Remote Assist and Live Assist capabilities. These features allow the patient to remain at home or abroad, while enabling their audiologist to make adjustments to their hearing devices remotely, upon request. For those with busy lifestyles due to work, travel, or school, this allows patients to receive hearing healthcare from afar, without the need to come to the office for reprogramming or adjustments.

It also comes with features such as optional lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that boast over 30 hours of battery life with a handy charger case. Plus, Bluetooth connectivity to connect your devices to your cell phone, television, or computer to stream audio or phone calls directly to your ears.

What Do Patients Think About Resound One? – Hear the Reviews

Before a widespread launch of the Resound One technology to our patient base, our Allison Audiology team decided to do something a little different. After learning the major improvements and innovations within the Resound One technology, we invited some of our trusted and most experienced patients to try the ReSound One for up to a week in their everyday lives and return to report their findings.

Here’s what just a few had to say:

Sue said she noticed the clarity of words and loved the convenience of the rechargeable batteries and the ease of adjusting the sound. She wore her ReSound ONE’s in a loud environments and found that they comfortably improved the clarity of the sound. She rated them 10 out of 10 and said that she would recommend them to others.

David M said that he could understand conversations much better and found things much clearer. He especially noticed that he could hear conversations in the wind without having to ask people to repeat themselves. He rated them 10 out of 10 and said that he would recommend them to others.

An anonymous patient – a young busy working professional – shared how they had good clarity while driving and found the connectivity between Bluetooth and the car audio system was seamless. They noted that the “Ultra Focus” option on the app was a game-changer and they switched back and forth during one-on one conversations. They also raved about the recharge station and how long the battery life was, having never worn rechargeable hearing devices before.

Tom shared how they screened out unwanted noise in a gym environment and made his restaurant experience more pleasant by filtering out clanking, banging, and music allowing his conversations to be understandable. He also commented that they work great in a meeting setting, making air conditioner noises less noticeable, and reducing traffic noise in outdoor settings. He rated them 10 out of 10 and said he would definitely recommend them to a friend.

Bob also rated them 10 out of 10 and said that they fit much better, are not as heavy as the Quattro, and the clarity has significantly improved. He shared how he was blown away by the clarity and had to turn his TV down, which is usually on low anyway. He said he would recommend them.
The feedback was highly positive overall, with an average rating of 9.3 stars out of 10.

What Do Our Audiologists Think About Resound One?

“I’ve been more impressed with this new technology than any new technology I’ve worked with before. Patients are sharing how clear conversations are in noisy backgrounds and it’s especially benefiting our more active patients. I also like how this can last over 24 hours, even if streaming music or phone calls!” – Ryan Keutzer, H.I.S.

“The number one thing that patients have been telling me is how crisp and clear the sound is and that they’ve never been able to hear sound as clearly as this; plus in noisy environments, rather than just amplifying all sound, it focusses specifically on conversation, making the sound just POP- it’s very impressive” – Dr. Rebecca Kohout, Au.D

“This has been a huge hit with patients. The new speaker provides clarity unlike ever before and many patients – especially those that spend time outdoors – have mentioned that there is a lot less wind noise. They have also told me that this is by far the most comfortable hearing device that they have worn due to the natural feel. The final thing to note is the ‘Ultra Focus’ setting which is allowing them to comfortably hear conversations when in restaurants, in busy places and where there is lots of background noise. – Dr. Jana Emola-Austin

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