This simple trick can help prevent age related hearing loss

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Hearing Loss, Hearing Protection, Patient Resources

We’ve put together some helpful turn-it-down tips for you. Keep to these and your ears will thank you in the long-run.

Why do we lose our hearing? The two most common reasons are age and noise. As we get older, tiny hairs in our inner ears begin to break down. When this happens, they don’t pick up sound vibrations properly any more. The same can happen when we damage our ears with loud noises.
Luckily, you can help prevent, or at least reduce, noise-related hearing loss with a simple trick. What is it?

Turn it down!

We’ve put together some helpful turn-it-down tips for you. Keep to these and your ears will thank you in the long-run.

Use hearing protection

If you’re regularly around loud sound out of choice, or perhaps for work, wear hearing protection. There are two things that can cut down loud sound around you. Earplugs and ear defenders. Earplugs are discreet, small and soft. They fit inside your ear and can reduce noise by 15-30 decibels. That’s enough to save your hearing.

Different earplugs are available for different situations depending on how much sound or clarity you want to cut out.
Ear defenders on the other hand, fit over your ears. Again, there are different types available and they also reduce sound by around 15-30 decibels. It’s really important to make sure they fit tight over both ears for them to work properly.

Avoid noisy environments

If you find yourself shouting over noise around you, you’re in an environment that could damage your hearing. Things like motorbikes, live music concerts, DIY tools, and headphones can all cause damage. You don’t have to avoid these things all together, but you can reduce the damage they do. How? Turn your headphones down a couple of notches. Wear ear defenders if you’re doing DIY at home. If you love motorbikes or live music, wear a pair of discreet earplugs.

Be more conscious of loud sounds

Sometimes just being aware of the fact that loud sounds can damage your hearing is enough to help. Remember, noise-induced hearing loss is a direct result of loud noise and the length of time you are hearing it for. Keep this in mind and you’ll soon be able to recognize when sounds are too loud.

Want some more advice on how to protect your ears? Perhaps you’re already having a hard time hearing in some situations? Come visit us at Allison Audiology to see how we can help.

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Jana Emola-Austin, Au.D.

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