Your BEST Audiologists in Houston Return!

by | May 8, 2020 | Audiologist, Hearing Health, Patient Resources

As we begin to schedule patients again, these are some of the ways we are now helping you while ensuring your safety.

“We’re back!” – Allison Audiology re-opens its doors to patients in Houston

Like everyone, the events of the past months have filled us with a range of emotions. New challenges have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic that we could have scarcely imagined.

We’re proud to announce we’re once again treating patients!

The long period of time our staff have spent apart made our first meeting since we closed in March even more special. It was heartwarming to see the Allison Audiology team together again – and move forward collectively with our plans to adapt to the “new normal” circumstances.

As we begin to schedule patients again, these are some of the ways we are now helping you while ensuring your safety.

Curbside appointments

Our curbside appointments are available for those who want their hearing devices checked or cleaned without having to leave their vehicle.

Once you arrive at either our Houston centers, call our office and we’ll come to your car to get your hearing aids in order to minimize any person-to-person contact.

After your device has been checked and sanitized, a team member will bring it back to you at your car, so you can hear with absolute clarity once again.

In-person appointments

We’ve taken a huge number of precautions to see patients with hearing concerns inside our centers again – following advice issued by the CDC. Team members will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and additional precautions have been taken at our front desk and at check out areas, as well as exam rooms.

Additional disinfecting measures are also being taken, above our normal day-to-day protocols, to clean common areas such as the lobby, door knobs, counter tops, etc.

In an effort to lessen traffic in the office, we are also asking that patients who require services that cannot be performed curbside, to attend visits alone. One guest, such as a spouse or caretaker, who is essential to the patient’s health, will be permitted.

Tele-Audiology appointments

A number of services can also be assisted through tele-audiology. Many of the new hearing aid devices have this feature built-in, but for others that do not, we still have easy-to-use options.

To set up a tele-audiology appointment, simply give us a call to let us know what you are experiencing. We will book an appointment, only you will not come to our office. Depending on how we can best address your needs, either a team member will call you at your appointment time, or you will be emailed a link where you can simply enter your name to a website and you will “see” your provider. And not to worry – these are all HIPAA compliant options, so you are protected.

The great thing about tele-audiology is that it is super simple! New technology can sometimes be intimidating for some, but our team has gone to great lengths to ensure we have the most easy to use, patient-friendly options.

What precautions should I take?

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please book in advance. Each meeting will need to be carefully managed to minimize contact, and it’s important that no one arrives without prior notice.

Please also remember to wear a face cover or mask of some type to your visit. Even if you are remaining in your car, we ask that you wear a mask to ensure the safety of our team members and lessen the spread of germs.

Should you be experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever or cough, or if you have potentially been exposed to the virus, please let us know. For the health and safety of other patients and our team, we will kindly reschedule your visit.

How to schedule an appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call our Houston office on (713) 827-1767​.

You can also fill out an online appointment form here. But if you can’t find a date or time that’s convenient, please call either of the clinics and a member of our team will offer you further assistance.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Call now to get the advice you need about your hearing concern today!

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Jana Emola-Austin, Au.D.

Raised in Bryan, Texas, Jana completed her undergraduate studies at Texas A&M University before attending the University of North Texas with an ambition to earn her master’s degree in speech pathology. However, a required audiology class soon set her on a new career path. She became enthralled with the subject and says audiology resonated with her because it involved everything she enjoys – helping people to improve their lives and relationships with others and using technology to make positive impacts. Following this revelation, Jana went on to graduate with her Doctor of Audiology degree. After many years of assisting patients in the clinic on a daily basis, Jana’s main responsibilities at Allison Audiology have shifted to a management role. She now works behind the scenes focusing on administrative, management, and marketing responsibilities.